50-in-5 / AAU

UH is serious about AAU membership.

The goal of the 50-in-5 Program is a bold new initiative to advance the
University of Houston beyond a comprehensive research institution to
better position it for membership in the prestigious Association of
American Universities (AAU).

Goals are set for individual departments to raise output by 50% within
5 years.
50-in-5 - University of Houston 50-in-5 Program
50-in-5 - University of Houston Goals

Judging by past performance UH management will ensure these goals are met.

Success in improvement of AAU metrics is clearly shown by the
“Members of National Academies” metric. These are top level researchers. They are expensive. They require facilities, equipment, and staff. The University of Oklahoma has touted its academics in recent years. While flirting with the B1G some of their people even think they are approaching AAU status. They had 1 national academy member in 2017. UH had 14. Texas Tech had 5.
Money from UH’s fund raiser was used to add 4 of those members.
See: https://mup.umass.edu/sites/default/files/mup-2018-top-american-research-universities-annual-report.pdf
OU had 2 Faculty Award members in 2017. UH had 7. Both of those metrics are used by the AAU in evaluating universities.

The endowment will continue growth. Fund raising has exceeded
$100 million annually for a number of years. UH will pass many schools
within a few years.


We need to get our overall annual research budget up to around $300 million.

At that point, we’ll be a big-time candidate.

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Fun fact, UH received the Carnegie Very High Research University 2 years before Oklahoma.

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We’re also well ahead of them in most of the AAU’s metrics.

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Ha, OU will never get into the BIG10. There targets are KS and UT, with UVA and Ga Tech right behind them.

After they were burned by Nebraska’s shenanigans, the members would never allow a non-AAU member into the conference, no matter how good they are at football. And keep in mind OU has won just as many titles as we have the last 20 years!

Since UVA and GT are in the ACC and have signed the GOR, they are off the table. I agree that the I agree that the BIG will target KU and UT. The question then becomes what does OU do. If they stay in the B12 it will have to immediately have to fill the two open positions to remain at 10. UH and Cincy would make the most sense. If OU leaves for the SEC then the PAC could move on OKST, TT, UH, and KS. The B12 ceases to be P5.

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I doubt they’ll go after UT. It would be outside their contiguous geographic footprint.

Kansas and Mizzou is a more likely scenario.

doubt mizzou leaves the sec

From what I understand, if Mizzou got the chance to go to the B1G, they,d leap at it in a heartbeat.

I don’t. Mizzou currently has to compete in the MAC for wrestling because the SEC doesn’t sponsor it.

That’s their best sport; they are always in the Top Ten in it, and the B1G is one of the best in the nation in that sport.

Mizzou is also an AAU member (making their academics better than much of the SEC), and a state flagship, and would be geographically closer than UT.

Mizzou begged to join the Big 10 back in 2010 before it settled on the SEC. It was rejected and Nebraska was chosen instead. Hey, even the Big 10 can make mistakes. :wink:

Mizzou was already rejected once. I would not worry about the geographic footprint argument being a killer. I know for a fact that UVA and GaTech (as was UNC) were approached after the Big 10 grabbed Rutgers and Maryland. While I know both New Jersey and Maryland border Pennsylvania, if getting GaTech and UVA and all of the cache and government research dollars that come with it means longer flights, they will make it work.

A UVa plus UNC expansion is possible to the East.

A Kansas plus Mizzou expansion is possible to the West.

UT and GaTech ain’t happening.

Both are outside the footprint, and the B1G has never expanded in such a way.

B1G alum here (Illinois Master’s degree).

UVa and UNC are ACC and have signed a GOR that runs thru 2036. They won’t be leaving the ACC for 15 years or so. Kansas is a possibility but who would BIG pair with them if Mizzou stays in SEC (the richest conference in the country)?