#6 UH vs Utah - Friday 11/17 @ 3:30. ESPN2

no. just learning each other, I think.

I met five nba scouts here.

They do not think we have any Nba players on this team.

Terrence came up. But they want to see him go off offensively.

They are here for TA. But are not sold.


everyone stays for next year!



seemed like most of the time it was Sharp’s assignment

Sharp is playing a lot better than Dunn in Charleston.

In both games, the other team beat us in Charleston when Dunn was playing.

We crushed both teams when Sharp was playing.

Sharp should be starting.

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Honestly starting or not doesn’t really matter. Dunn played 24 minutes and Sharp 28. I imagine that coach will rotate in and out the hot hand, minutes seem to be shared all around


Go Coogs!

also - that post game interview with Samp says it all. I could listen to that guy talk all damn day

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I found myself thinking that very thing mid game. we’re the Villanova we ran into a few years back only we’ve got a better offense. coach learns from what hurt us and adapts.

our game is so damn disruptive.

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might explain why he got so many minutes

I’m starting to realize the perception of our offense as a whole would look a lot different if we made FTs. Like we scored 76 points on 45% FG. You average that on the season that’s pretty darn good. The problem is we missed 10 FTs. Our best FT % so far this year was the first game 72% 21/29. We make half our FTs we score 81. We average 8 missed FTs a game. And our team averages 77 PPG. We are leaving too much at the FT line. That can cost you in March.


Fortunately, while we are shooting 63% from the line this season, opponents are shooting 56%. Hasn’t hurt us. Yet.

I agree 100%. Our FT % has to be pushing 70% or we will be in trouble in conference and tourneys.


We are still in the very beginning of stage of developing our offense so I expect plenty of ebbs and flows. Not concerned with FT shooting for this team. It will come around.

We played a team who had a player with a career game making 8 threes and yet we still outshot them from inside and outside the arc. Not only did we beat them but opened it up to 10.


How ridiculous!
“EVERY YEAR” Made me laugh.
A team that relies on three point shooting is the one with no chance when the inevitable off game comes.
The one who wins everywhere else on the court can win every time.

The 3 is our weapon of choice. There were a good six times yesterday when either Cryer or Shead could have stayed with the shot but passed back out.

If we’re not hitting 3’s its a tough game for us. Fortunately we excel at other things.

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We don’t lose in the tournament every year because of 3pt shooting. Our suffering has been far more diversified. Each season we find a new method of heartbreak. In 2018 it was missed FT’s. In 2019 it was getting beat on the boards. In 2021 it was getting outclassed in every facet of the game. 2022 was three point shooting. And last year’s was poor defense? One of these days, maybe after we’ve exhausted all the different ways you can a lose a game, the basketball gods will favor us and allow us a season that doesn’t end in heartbreak. Until that day lets just enjoy the fact that our heartbreak typically gets delayed a few weeks longer than most fan bases. lol


Yeah, like seemingly every year. I don’t know how this happens.

Yeah, like seemingly every game. I don’t know how this happens.

Yeah, I am stoked about his maturation of consistent good play. But sometimes somehow some players “got it” when they come off the bench. Some have even led their conferences in scoring or made first-team all conference. Go figure. What to do.

Really happy that Arceneaux seems to be stepping up.

Who knows how good both Sharp and Arceneaux might be come March.

FTs are important because they’re “free”. You have to be mentally tough, hyper-focused to take advantage of it. Whether 6 or 1, that can be the difference. In most all stats there is some competitive result involving other players. FTs it’s just you, the basketball and the basket. My HS coach had an ingenious FT drill that incorporated pressure, and the need for concentration and accuracy, all simultaneously.

Maybe you should give that drill to coach Sampson