6 universities making big investments in data science

### University of Houston

In 2017, the University of Houston announced it was forming an interdisciplinary institute of data science, with focuses including cyber and physical security, sustainability communities and personalized health care. This past November, the new institute nabbed a $10 million gift from Hewlett Packard, which is opening a campus in the Houston area.

The donation will go toward a scholarship endowment as well as equipment and research funding, the university announced. In addition, Hewlett Packard employees may serve as lecturers at the data institute, while the university’s researchers may work with the company.

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Wow, the University of Houston is in some high quality company.

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Boston University
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Chicago
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interesting. All five of these universities are AAU members. I see what Khator did here. She continues to put UH on the level with the big boys.

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Yes it is. Also why UT was trying to sneak into Houston and stop us from getting the dollars. Luckily, our political clout is big enough now to stop it.

Crazy that UT tried to do it when they are already in Austin which has a pretty sizable IT presence already. Could have easily started the data science center there or in San Antonio.