69/70 Media Guide

I collect team-related publications, game programs, yearbooks, media guides,etc. I don’t have a huge collection of Coog stuff but between UH hoops and football I have a few dozen items. My latest pickup is a 1969/70 Media Guide and I thought I’d scan it and post a bit of it for some off-season fun.I’ll break up the images into a couple of posts in this thread.

I grab every item that features Guy V on the cover that I come across so this was right up my alley.


Here we go with Harry Foulke, the coaches and our sked for the season:

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One more batch. The roster, player bios and the back cover:

I remember all the players except for Dennis Smith. I was in a class with Randy Kight and I was friends with Sonny Willis…he was quite a character.

If someone wants to say that the back cover resembles our recent crowd shots go ahead. I won’t argue with you.

The rest of the pages were devoted to records, 30 point games, w/l versus other schools and so on. This was one of the few ‘scannable’ guides I have. With many of them it’s difficult to get them flat without damaging the binding or loosening the cover, etc.

I hope some of you enjoy this little trip down Memory Lane.


This is great. Thanks for sharing

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I remember that team, They were fun to watch. Hickman was one of the great set shooters. Dwight and Ollie could jump out of the gym.

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Just now noticed that the team stayed at the Sands in Vegas at Christmas. I bet that was a good time. :smiling_imp:

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