(7) Houston vs Sam Houston State 12/9 7pm CST ESPN+ (Postponed)

Soft spot for SHSU. Grew up in Huntsville. Went to Sam for a couple of years before finishing at UH. Good memories of my dad taking me to see the Sam Houston men play basketball…Yomi Sangodeyi was one of the memorable players I was able to watch. I think he was really close with Hakeem…if not his cousin.

I expect a fired up Bearkat squad…but I suspect our vice-like defense will wear them out pretty quickly. Would love to see Chaney and Tyson get some meaningful, productive minutes in this game. Good opponent to let Caleb and Jamal’s ankles get further rest.


I watched their game against Boise State. This is a team that we should be able to dominate through talent-difference, regardless of who we have on the floor. Judging from Sampson’s post-game conference, Quannas will still be coaching this game. Expect to see the same rotation we saw against SC.

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There would be reason for concern if we can’t just sleepwalk our way through this.

This team doesn’t sleep walk.

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ESPN’s BPI matchup predictor has been wrong plenty, but I like these odds :joy:



Think you mean Marcus.



As an SHSU Alum it usually only gets tough for me when BearKats n Coogs play ea other in Baseball. Lucky for me they haven’t been paired up in same Region when Regionals are announced. As for Basketball they have been down a level or two since Marlin left n went to Coach LLA Ragin Cagins. Coogs win btw 25-35 pts.

Edit: Yes Yomi is related to Hakeem. Do believe they are cousins.




Al Stewart: “The Year of the Kat”. :laughing::grin:

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Yomi passed away earlier this year.

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Oh Wow…did not know that. :pensive:

The team will be in for a 3 hour torture practice on Thursday is they don’t play to the culture. It’s not about the opponent, it’s about Coach’s culture. SHSU - it isn’t personal. Our guys are just trying to avoid getting their butts kicked in practice on Thursday.

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Remember listening by radio to an SFA vs SHSU southland tournament contest and Yomi was definitely a dominant player that day.

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this is my greatest fear of the season…

please get this crap out of the way and under control now before we get to the meat of the season…


Does this mean we had players test positive?

I’m surprised we got to play USC since it sounds like Kellen tested positive previously. Since CKS’s media availability today was cancelled, I’m guessing this means he tested positive too and there’s no chance contact tracing wouldn’t catch the entire team in that scenario.