for a crapola soccer game. We need to tap into this fanbase. Maybe invite Messi to a game, He was the only thing that kept me watching. I liked the no commercials or timeouts part of the game.

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That was a complete beat down. Hard to watch. We are so far away from being anywhere close to the best teams in the world. The only way to tape into any fan base in this city is to win.

That poor US soccer team didn’t have to win for 70,000 folks to watch that beatdown. I watched the whole thing and it wasn’t unwatchable but football is way better to me.

A month or two ago it was put out there were already 56k sold for the UH/OU game. Somebody posted that over 60k are sold now. Looking at the ticketmaster map there can’t be more than 5000 seats left.

It would be nice to top last nights soccer game and I believe that’s possible due to more seats being available for football games (correct me if I’m wrong). Though, I’d settle for beating TA&M/ASU attendance last year of 66K and change.

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I wonder how many are on reserve for potential season ticket packages for this year. Deadline is Friday to include Oklahoma right?

Yep, Friday is the deadline. Will be interesting to see what pops available following that.

Also, either they just added or I finally noticed it but the ticketmaster seat selection page now says UH is on the East and OU is on the West. I was just going on thread and twitter posts before.

Yep, Friday is the deadline and we have already gone over 20K season tickets.

We will have many more people who live in the Houston area than the Copa Cup did.
All the folks I know that went were UH season ticket holders.
A lot of people traveled for this and from further than OK.
This was more like a BCS bowl game with Olympic overtones.
Since I like College football better, I didn’t care, but to Soccer fans this was way up there.
We will have a ton of people there and out draw what the aggies did.
The OU fans are rabid, but they don’t riot when they win like some of those B1G schools do.
I am not predicting an OU win, just pointing out how they are better than say Wisconsin.
We will have a BETTER atmosphere than the Cup match, it will be different, but as good as theirs was ours will be better.
This will be what college ball is supposed to be about, two nearby teams with a lot at stake to start the season on national tv. Let’s start tailgating July 5th. Go Coogs!!!

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