790 fires Pallilo, hires... Josh Innes

Charlie was losing the ratings game in his time slot by over a full ratings point to 610 thats why he got fired. I don’t know why their hired Innes though he is beyond terrible.

I hope Charlie goes national, he was better than Houston deserved. Hopefully he doesn’t pull up and go back to New York. I’ll miss his show, I was his one of his biggest fans.

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I removed 790 from my saved stations and put 1560 there instead. This morning 1560 had Case on.


I like Dylan “The Mighty” Gwinn on 97.5. He’s a Coug too!

He’s a BYU fan? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A) It’s coog. Cougs go to Washington State.

B) Gwinn was one of the biggest UH detractors during the Keenum era. He pretty much made it his daily mission to call Keenum a gimmick system qb who would never even get a shot in the pros and push Sumlin rumors.

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I’ve grown up listening to Pallilo, so I’m not a fan of this at all. I never listened to Josh Innes when he was here and I won’t now. I never even risked turning him on because it sounded horrible without even trying. So…it’s either listen to music on the way home from work or maybe I’ll give 610 and 97.5’s drive-time shows a shot.

You guys need to Sirrius XM. College Sports Radio is the best, and the Coogs have been getting alot of national run for about the last year.


Getting the first taste of him back on “in the trenches” right now. Good God, it is every bit as bad as I remember. His brand is just being obnoxious. No mention of UH in his version of what is happening in Houston sports. What a disappointing hire by 790.

I heard it too. When he said Brock Osweiler isn’t as good as Matt Schaub (Texans talk) I immediately knew this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Brock doesn’t have enough of a body of work to be able to compare him to Schaub.

That’s exactly why 790 hired that clown. Pallilo’s call-in show doesn’t attract listeners anymore, but shock jock tripe and man cave chat does. I guess social media and message boards are where you go to talk about actual sports now.

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