8 Tickets and 2 Parking Passes available

I have 8 tickets in section 307 (40 yd line, gray seatbacks with cushions) and 2 Garage parking passes available for Thursday night.

I don’t expect much for them, but if someone would like to make me an offer - this package could be yours!

Let me know!

$1, Bob Barker


What’s that old joke.

I put 8 tickets and 2 parking passes on the windshield of my car as I went into the store with a note that said please take them they are free.

I was shocked what happened when I came out of the store and back to my car. There were now 12 tickets and 3 parking passes on my windshield.


My friend and I have 7 tickets in section 229 with 3 extras. We have been able use the 3 extras for all games so far, but not this Thursday. We have done our part for butts in the seats, but feel bad we will not use the 3 extra this Thursday. Will print them out and see if there is anybody walking up that needs tickets.

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Thanks for helping fill 229…I am the loud guy behind yall. :grin:

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