91-6 in the Fertitta Center

Enjoy every moment of this ladies and gents.

Witnessing history and a new era of UH Basketball. GO COOGS!


That’s impressive. Also during that period we are .856 winning percentage overall which is also impressive. I would be interested to see if we are the winningest program from that period. We have to at least be up there


We will be 93-6 after the Kansas game.

What were we after the first 99 games at Hofheinz Pavilion?


Everyone wants to thank Kelvin Sampson (don’t get me wrong, he’s a godsend and this whole deal is a reflection of him) and I certainly do but how about that attendance! Good going Cougar Nation! I’m not even upset about late comers. :sunglasses:

What was once a big fat ugly liability has now become a quite attractive bragging right. Number of loses is attractive too. :wink:

Who’d’ve thought :grin:


I’m happy too but don’t forget if we weren’t winning we wouldn’t have crowds u know how fickle Houston fans are so thank Coach Sampson!


not as good, 1969 1st in the hoff: List of Houston Cougars men’s basketball seasons - Wikipedia

1969–70 Guy Lewis 25–5 NCAA University Division Sweet Sixteen
1970–71 Guy Lewis 22–7 NCAA University Division Sweet Sixteen
1971–72 Guy Lewis 20–7 NCAA University Division first round
1972–73 Guy Lewis 23–4 NCAA University Division first round
1973–74 Guy Lewis 17–9
1974–75 Guy Lewis 16–10

Those are all our games.

My question is only home games at Hofheinz. This thread is about home games at Fertitta. I want a comparison to our first 99 home games at Hofheinz.

Right, I understand that. At the top was listed 6 seasons, I displayed 6 seasons, given the overall record has a lower winning percentage 1969-75, its reasonable to say it was less. I don’t have a media guide, so that’s the best I can do.

1969-70 14-0
1970-71 10-0
1971-72 13-1
1972-73 16-0
1973-74 12-2
1974-75 11-5


That’s exactly right! Considering how fickle some are it must be a good sign.

I’ve seen attendance in the hundreds for some of Foster’s teams. Ok, I’m exaggerating a kitchen bit :grinning: but some of us old timers like Butch, pbr and Mike red80 know what I’m talking about.

SROs now baby (can’t ask for much more than that!) and there’s nothing Ho-Hum about 8,000 either. We good :sunglasses:

That’s also a hell of a run

much thanks !

ks a little better by percentage but 3 unbeaten home seasons in six is very very impressive.

I have 16-0, 13-0, 13-1, 18-0 and 12-1 followed by 13-5, 13-2, 16-1 and 15-1.

So 85-7 in six years = 92%
129-11 in nine years = 92%
205-23 in fifteen years = 90%

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 1.17.10 PM

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Yea, losing 3 games in 5 years is damn impressive but I’m thinking the schedule wasn’t near as fierce as it is now.

Even in AAC, we played Alabama, Oregon, Virginia, LSU and at least 1 heavy a year. I might be wrong.

You might be right, depends on where those “Bluebonnet Classic” games were played. Wasn’t sure if they were neutral site tournament or what.



Temple and BYU still give me nightmares.

So it appears that our Home Game record, once Hofheinz opened, was very similar to our Fertitta Center record.

Exactly what I thought, as I attended most Hofheinz games back then.

Sampson is continuing our tradition of having a superb home record, as Guy Lewis had originally done.

After Lewis…not so much. His successors did not win Home Games at same rate as had Lewis.

Very thankful for Sampson. Very. All I want to say is he has restored our Home Court advantage, that he has not created it for the first time.

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