A world attendance record for a women’s sporting event was set yesterday between Nebraska and UN-Omaha in volleyball.

92003 fans in attendance.

Talking about great team support.

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I would have attended if it was on a weekend. Hopefully some UH fans saw that and decided to attend a UH match. They are also worth fans time and interest now.


Tells you how boring of a place Nebraska is.


9,000 fans would have impressive. 92,003 Nebraska fans for a volleyball game sounds like a script from a fictional Hollywood movie.

Yea I posted about this on the other sports section…

92010 > 92003

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Kudos to Univ. Nebraska for pulling this off. 92,003 attendance for a volleyball game is unreal.

Nah, they just have die hard fans. I have family that live 1.5 hrs every away and go to every home game. Win or lose, their people show up.