9yrs of eligibility…

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I see nothing wrong with this.

Glances at my Bachelors Degree that took 12 years to finish


Cam Wilder

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My gosh, his story might become an inspiring movie. When the movie Rudy came out, I knew very little about it, but I loved the movie, as well as most of the country and it is remembered today.

Who knows…

maybe this guy’s story will turn into a movie and become the new Rudy.

Sean Astin was an absolute turd on the set of Rudy.

I can’t believe no one has quoted this:

“9 years of college down the drain.”

John “Bluto” Blutarsky
Movie “Animal House”


It’s unfortunate that the article didn’t mention his education status. Did I overlook that fact?

Should the readers assume after eight years that he earned his Bachelor degree? Masters?

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