A friend of mine posted this on Facebook

“Tom Brady is the Ric Flair of professional football… not the GOAT, but just an old guy who can’t let the past go.”


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7 Super Bowl Rings in 10 attempts. That pretty much screams Greatest Of All Time.


I think that BOTH are true.

He is indeed the GOAT QB…but it’s also probably true that he can’t let go of the past and realize when it’s time to call it quits and move on.

He’s like a lot of people Muhammad Ali etc can’t let go that fame, it’s as addictive as crack.

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Meh. 70% was a C- when I was in school…


And yet the Texans can’t even make the playoffs.

Dude lost an offensive savant as head coach and replaced with a guy fired by the Jets.

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Ric Flair AND Tom Brady are both GOATs of their respective sports…

You could argue for Hulk Hogan but i don’t think there is a QB close to Brady for GOAT.


Rasslin’ ain’t no sport!


It might be scripted… But it’s still a sport. Those men and women are great athletes.

Sport is about competition.

Rasslin’ ain’t no competition.

Fair Enough… It’s definitely not a competition.

Let me ask this… If i golf by myself am I playing a sport?

You’re always competing against the course… What am I thinking… Lol

You’re practicing.

Hopefully he wins every round.

It’s not like he sucked this year.

Dude made the playoffs…again. Oh, and he threw for 3rd most yards in the NFL this season to go along with 25TD to just 9 INTs. His QBR and Rating were avg.

Tell me why he should give up on millions of more dollars again when he’s clearly still a good NFL QB?

Side note: I’d love to know who the first sports journalist was that wrote a ‘Tom Brady should retire’ article and what year…LOL…

Divorced his supermodel wife to continue getting beat up weekly at 45 years old.

Probably needs permission to see the kids now. SMH.

Hasn’t he already signed a 10 year, $375 MM deal with Fox?

Had a great football career and now a lucrative broadcasting gig waiting on him.


If true that answers my question…yonks! Get the F out and on to that gig Tom!

He and the franchise decide when its time to hang it up. Its an operations decision. If the franchise wants him to be QB in 25 years then its not time to hang it up.