A history lesson for UH basketball

“None of these kids knew what Phi Slama Jama was,” Sampson said. “I had to tell them. They knew who Olajuwon and Clyde were. They knew who Elvin Hayes was. But they didn’t know anybody else. We made sure they understood.”

A rich tradition is also one of the reasons Sampson took the job.

“I wanted to be somewhere where they had a history of basketball,” he said. “That it had been done there before, and it could be done again.”


UH Basketball was royalty. Its good to be back.


It makes us as a group (esp the ones that made this) happy that Kevlin himself wanted to explain the history and tradition behind UH Basketball. It makes us even more motivated to do our mission of bringing traditions back.

Hint: The tip off this Saturday will be a confetti celebration.


Now lets don’t take it for granted and let it fall apart like the last royal dynasty. Lets build this one to last like Duke and Kentucky.

I think everyone has forgotten and now has rediscovered how cool March madness is in the city of Houston.


I remember I was there
Graduated 1970


Very nice article.

As I’ve said elsewhere, in basketball, UH is a Blue Blood.

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