A Looming Boom?

Kelvin mentioned today their is player close to commiting. They are probably waiting for the final signing period which is around April 17th I believe until Mid May for Fall 2019 players.

My hunch is either Tyreek Smith or the 6’10 center on our 247 2019 offers page. Been hearing some rumblings :)…


I sure like 6’ 10”.


likely jaedon ledee, the former top 100 4star who is transferring from ohio state…he is visiting next week (tcu right now), it us or tcu … whoever he chooses the decision likely coming next week after his visit…

but note he has to sit out a year…

tyreek isn’t committing for a while, he just last week said there were 15 schools recruiting him, i doubt a decision comes quick for him
not sure who the 6’10 center you are talking about


Jaedon Leedee is a good prospect too.

I got confused with 2020 prospect Jonathan Aku.

It will probably be either Jaedon or Tyreek that will commit first. To be determined.

I dont think its LaDee either. Hes at TCU as we speak. Wont come back until tomorrow to Ohio.

Ive heard UH and Virginia are the two favorites for Reece Beekman. Dude is a beast!!!

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Tyreek Smith is my guess. Or another player not mentioned yet.

Carrigan might still be in play.

Youve heard of dis recently… Thats quite the surprised if true.

I haven’t heard anything either way on him, I just know we were in on him earlier and he’s still available.

I think that ship has sailed.

@LincsmilyUH where is the interview at ? Can’t find it

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Houston Roundball Review on youtube. Moat recent Kelvin interview came out today

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Is Tyreek Smith a one-and-done prospect?


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Yeah, sounds like he said close to commiting. Hopefully, to UH.
Spring signing day is Wednesday coming up. Hopefully, coach gets some great news this weekend.

What I found really interesting is that the first name of those he expected to declare in the coming years was Caleb Mills, before Nate and Deeky. Obviously Deeky will be the first as he’ll be a junior next season with Nate a possibility if he blows up as a soph like the kid from Tech did this year, but the first name he threw out was Caleb


Hes SPECIAL!!! Will start.

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