A Looming Scoring Goliath?

So far our 3 Bigs are averaging 36 per game. The remaining players are averaging 46 per game.

These Bigs, with Jarace just beginning his career, can score well over 40 per game.

With similar improvement from our Guards and Wings we can go 90 to 100 per game.

Our Bigs will start drawing lots of attention. An opponent must collapse on them and trap them.

Welcome to Mr. Wide Open 3 point shot!

We had great Big play last season. But Jarace and J’Wan are showing us even more potential. And we could see Francis score some.

It is way possible that this becomes Sampson’s highest-ever scoring UH team.


This is a faster team than what we have seen and still plays the great D. You are probably right about being the highest scoring.

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Ive seen flashes of offensive skill from J’wan that I didnt know he had. He has developed his post moves significantly

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We went several minutes of game time against St. Joe’s without scoring and still ended up with 81. That’s pretty stout!


If our guys don’t get confident shooting the dagger then we may not score that high.

If the Coogs continue to be +11 or +33 on FG Attempts vs. their opponents, I think they will be okay.


A boy can dream! :joy: