A new basketball commit

Juco big

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He’s a big dude (6-8 285). He’s also a rebounding machine as he averaged over 12 rebounds a game in his conference as a freshman which led to 1st team all-conference honors. Doesn’t look like he can score outside of 5 feet, but we should have enough guys who can do that.

UH has 2 ships open , Patrick. Would love to get another HS player.

Maybe one ship open, depending on Chris Harris who we have not given up on.

Ohhhh! If Chris Harris does come aboard next season, this team could be salty. Coach Sampson did said that CH would definitely join the team next season.

I was at an event the other night. Coach Sampson was asked about Chris Harris. He said he could not comment on any potential recruits.

So I doubt he told anyone “CH would definitely join the team next season.” If he did, he said it in private (i.e. not intended to be publicized on the internet), so please modify your post.

I imagine at this point we’ll leave one open for Harris and one for one of the top high schoolers. Otherwise, CKS may go for a late JUCO (or give the scholly to Van Beck).

Van Beck is already on scholarship. Even counting on Harris that would give UH one open chip. Wish we could of gotten JJ Chandler. Maybe another shooter.

That’s right, forgot about the Van Beck scholarship. More than likely we keep it open for Vanderbilt or one of the other big names we’re still recruiting. Then again, CKS likes JUCO players and we’ve already got a couple of really good high schoolers.

CKS seems content with only one true Pg to go along with combo guards who can handle the ball but shoot and score at a good rate. He has that Rockets motto.

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