A new Helmet


Very cool


That is neat.

for tech details skip 1st 3 minutes

That’s really cool. I hope it works to reduce concussions.

I like it

In favor of technology that protects the player, but it should not enable the player to become a battering ram. Technique was very important when I played in the sixties. We did not target players. I don’t know how they teach today.

Thankfully there is competition for deterring concussions. I couldn’t attach the link, but go to Bloomberg Businessweek, “Lessons from Birdbrains” and see an innovative design that a company has already patented, and which is being tested, even here in the DFW area. Incredible read. Won’t say more. I’m not pushing their stock, just taken with their creative approach.

Amazing!! With all the things that we have in the world, WiFi, touch screen everything, etc. etc., you would think someone would have come up with something like this soon. Way to go Vicis!

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