A Not Too Complicated Look at Our Record

Of our 8 wins only one came against a team with a winning record— USF, who finished 7-5.

Of our 4 losses 2 were against teams with losing records…Texas Tech(5-7) and SMU(5-7).

Had we won that SMU game we would be playing UCF next Saturday.

Although injuries played a part that hardly explains this record.

Unless we fire our Defensive Coordinator right now we will also lose our Bowl Game.

If we all want to sell out our Stadium and be Nationally ranked we must create a coaching staff that is top rate.Especially good at recruiting(UCF has no problem recruiting in a hot bed for the entire Nation).

Briles is ok as O.C.Can he recruit? We soon will know.

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We know he can recruit. He was Big 12 recruiter of the year twice. Can he recruit here though?


We’re not selling out unless there’s a big name coming in. Good coach or not. The team was ranked this year. I still don’t think Tech was a bad loss. If Bowman stays healthy they don’t finish with 5 wins. Kid was on fire.

There needs to be a new DC, but to dismiss the injuries on this team isn’t fair. Do they lose to SMU or Temple if Oliver is healthy? Who knows, and don’t gimme the “no depth” argument. No one except the OSU and Alabamas of the world could pull a kid off the bench as good as Oliver.


Yes, Briles can recruit, he recruited Tune.


Hopefully he uses different tactics than at Baylor.

We made bad teams look good. Rice was awful this year but looked like they should win CUSA against us. We made SMU look like the best of the AAC. We had a half here and there were we dominated teams but overall I never felt like we were a very good team.


Our “best” teams have been coming every 4 to 5 years:




That leaves us with 2019. It is up next. Next year, obviously, will make or break Applewhite.

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Wow! Has it really been that long! Goodness, I feel like it was not that long ago when Will Jackson made that interception in the peach bowl to seal it. :pensive:

Our recruiting is at this level. Just a few “studs” each season.

4 years of strength training and practice gets the entire team where it needs to be.

Then the Seniors leave and it starts all over.

Sumlin could not change that, neither would have Herman been able to do so.

Applewhite up next.

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I think we might be a championship season next year depending on the DC hire and with King as a Senior, but we are going to struggle early.

McKenzie probably being out next year isn’t going to hurt and our conference schedule is going to be a lot easier - Memphis, SMU, and Navy here. UConn. Cincy and UCF (should be a home) will be the challenges.

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I think it does. We lost a real leader in Davis vs Tech and we all know Oliver changes our defense immensely.

Would we have beaten SMU? Can’t say as our Offense sucked that game, but I don’t think they score 45. I think we beat Temple and Memphis with healthy D and King.


UCF will be on the road; Cincy at home. UCONN will also be on the road.

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Let’s hope not! If we won the conference we wouldn’t fire “”Opie,” and that would be a fate worse than death!

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:astonished: for shame! Win the conference?!? How dare our HC do that! We want to fire him, he shouldn’t be successful!