A rare look at how men's basketball runs practice drills!

The Houston Cougars men’s basketball team held its first practice of the season on Sept. 27. Media and reporters were allowed to observe the first 20 minutes of the practice. Bear with us as right now our recording equipment is not as high-end, but we hope you enjoy this rare window inside the Cougars’ basketball practice!

An inside look at a Houston Cougars men’s basketball practice


any reason why reggie wasnt there

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Good footage.

Jwan’s shot from 3, not bad

Arceneauxs shot looks really good.

Tramons 3, gotta be honest, alot of moving parts with his shot. Doesnt look as fluid. But we’ll see

Jwan, Arceneaux and Sasser definitely caught my attention

We will speak with Sampson at 5:30! Nothing as of now.


Just a minute in and it is very impressive how CKS has EVERYONE’S attention while speaking. Even the guys (non-players) on the sidelines are listening in.

IIRC, Reggie was in Class

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Got a lot of shooters.

Not many makers.

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Arceneaux’s shot is pretty


Yes, he was in class. Per Joseph of the Chronicle.

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Wake me up when they can dribble. Oh how far dribbling skills have fallen

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watch the whole thing…

saseer is the best shooter on the team, likely a gap between him and #2 (which is likely elvin)
arcenueax and jarace shot a lot better than i thought they would…

whaty i found interesting is that roberts took a lot of 3s…curious if sampson lets him pull it in games

tramon shooting at te start look terrible, they werent even close…but actually made most of them as the practice went on .
something feels off about ramons shot cant put my finger on it

How was Reggie in class but no one else had to be? That seems kind of weird to me.

They don’t all have the same schedules. Why would they?


I understand that. But I would assume none of them would have classes scheduled when they have practice. Does this mean there will always be practices where players are missing?

You got it all figured out from a 16 minute video huh :thinking:….


Must have been a deal where he needed a specific class and it’s the only time offered….

I can tell you when I played and more recently my son it was up to the player to make their schedule work around practice schedule……then when you went out of town for games everyone missed multiple classes but that was expected.

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Who are you comparing them to? Pistol Pete? Lol


Jwan is #13, left handed, red uniform

Terrance is #23, grey uniform

That might not have had the full practice schedule when the guys signed up for classes. This might also have been an unscheduled deal, since they opened it to media.

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He was at practice after. He was there by the end. Probably a class he needs to graduate.