A Thought About The Large Number of Transfers

Obviously Dana and staff found our depth and overall talent a little lacking.

In other words the previous 2 years of recruiting were not exactly great.

Remember that UH promoted Major to Head Coach because of his ties to, and recommendations from, Texas High School coaches? Thus implying recruiting success.

Is this one of the greatest “whiffs” in UH history?

I was, and remain, elated with the hiring of Dana Holgerson.

We can be thankful for the talent recruited by Levine and Herman. Once they both were gone we clearly see what has happened with recruiting.

Thank you to our UH Administration for pulling the trigger and fixing our football program.


Yes all day this.

Texas High School Coaches: Oh cool Major Applewhite is their coach I remember him. That’s cool.

4 Star Recruit: Hey Coach where should I go to school?

Coaches: Bama.


Applewhite had to fill holes too. We didn’t give Major much time, but I bet we see plenty of his recruits on the field.
Time to move on, we all know things are only looking better


Actually, Levine crushes it recruiting wise…


Maybe Dana and the new staff wanted players that fit their system. Why crap on our student athletes?


The portal has also changed the game. A kid used to have to give his left hand to transfer to a school he wanted to and only if the head coach and administration agreed. Now they just log into a computer and recruiting starts again. It is a game changer and I don’t think it will slow down.


UH is going to be a very popular transfer destination, and we should leverage that. We arent getting 4-5 star HS talent until we get to P5.


True. But Herman did bring in Ed Oliver, D’eriq King and the current receiving core, I believe.


Never ever trust a Horn…


Oliver came to UH regardless of Herman, and I believe King was a Levine commit that honored his verbal when Herman was hired.

Herman wasn’t bad at recruiting, but he worked percentages, e.g. we need this many WRs and this many Linemen, etc… even if it meant getting a lower ranked recruit just to meet a quota. Applewhite wanted the best recruits regardless of position… even if it meant we were thin at a position group.

Both methods were flawed. Get the best recruit, but be careful of position groups were depth is getting thin. Recruiting has suffered since Levine’s departure.

If only Levine could have made better coordinator hires. :smirk:


Sumlin benefited greatly from Briles recruits
Herman benefited greatly from Levine recruits.

Herman had he been planning on staying more than a year would have had success here.
Sumlin I believe would have been a bust had he needed to recruit the offense himself.

CDH thus far has been the most proactive in shaping and balancing the roster with a short term plan to win now while still protecting the future.


Levine recruited EO by signing his brother. You actually believe that Levin’s staff did not know of EO !

CTH sealed the deal by hiring his line coach.


I’m going to throw up a little in my mouth by saying this but it is hard to judge Herman’s recruiting here imo because there were so many decommits after Herman jumped ship to Austin. Also, Major had to deal with that aftermath.

Ewww…alright, I’m done


King was a Herman commit. He committed after the 2015 season.


Yeah, that is wrong about King. We got him late in the process for the 2016 class. He committed in December after de-committing from TCU. He was a Herman recruit.


No he didn’t. Ed Oliver’s dad brought us Ed Oliver because he told Ed you are going to play with your brother. Ed has said so himself.

As for King, did he come here because of Herman or was it more Applewhite? Or was it, and I believe this is he case with him, a chance to play close to home?


He wanted to play QB. TCU was going to make him play WR.


Some would probably place Kim Helton and Dana Dimel higher on the whiff list.


I don’t know why you are so pleased with holgerson…he hasn’t coached a single game as head coach here yet!..i think maybe we ought to wait till he coaches a few games to evaluate him…LOL…
personally, i wanted UH to hire a hungry young first time head coach, someone out of the Herman mold…did not like the holgerson hire…but certainly willing to give him a chance to prove himself…

seems to me that applewhite and his staff could not coach well (kendal briles being the exception) …not sure yet about recruiting…
herman and staff were great recruiters…and they also coached very well…
levine and staff were good recruiters, but not good coaches…

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Well I think you nailed about everything in that post WRONG. But to each is own