A Tidbit on Bowman, TTU's Frosh QB

He was a 3 star with offers from UH, UTSA, Columbia & Dartmouth. TTU was his only P5 offer

That kid is the real deal. I believe he started every game from the time he entered high school.

We’ll see how he does when he sees some real pressure and a more effective defense, but so far, he’s looked like a veteran QB.

Smart QBs usually do well.

I predict TTU will lose to OU and TCU, OSU game will be like ours but closer. I have no insight on the other B12 teams.

Depends on his receivers. He has a couple of good ones!

Kliff Kingsbury really does know QB talent.

Pat Mahomes was a 3 star who ended up starting after an injury to the starter Webb and started the rest of his career at Tech. He also had a walk-on who transferred to Oklahoma, one Baker Mayfield.

Now he has Bowman who once again got to start as a true FR because of an injury to the starter. Kingsbury does know what to look for in HS QB’s and how to coach them in college. Remember Johnny FB who he coached at A & M.

Then there was that 2 star QB who was recruited by Baylor, North Texas and UTEP. UH was the only school to offer him a scholarship. Kingsbury was not at UH when he was recruited but once he got here he helped develop him. Kingsbury received OC of the year in 2011 at UH.

That UH QB had a bad game yesterday but still managed to move Denver in a less than 2 minute drive to get the game winning field goal and go 2-0 for the season.

Yeah Kingsbury has quite a history with college QB’s.


I don’t know that he’ll ever see that much real pressure because he gets the ball off so quickly. That was the problem with the QB last year and a couple of others recently – they didn’t get the ball off fast enough and got a lot of sacks. As long as this kid keeps getting it away quick pressure won’t be a problem for him.

honestly, tech may be very solid offensively. tcu and ou may be the only big 12 defenses that can slow them down.

WVU with their 3-3-5/4-2-5 variations