A veteran who set up a business delivering Amazon packages says he feels trapped and can't shut down because of potentially high exit fees for returning Amazon's branded vans

Modern day serfdom. Amazon style!

Just another example of not looking into future consequences when doing due diligence.

2 men were are arguing about the difference between capitalism and communism. And one said to the other the difference between capitalism and communism, " is capitalism is the the exploitation of man by man, the other guy said “communism is just the opposite.”

Hate Amazon, but if they have the contracts then they are in the legal right. Which is all that matters, unfortunately.

Just like if a company preaches how they and the employees “are a family”. Amazon inviting someone into a “business partnership” should just be a massive red flag where everything gets gone over with a fine tooth comb by someone with a legal background. Otherwise you are going to be in quite abusive relationship.

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Before I bought my own practice. I was convinced to join and become a “doctor owner” in a cooperate chain dental, a fairly small one, it only had a few Doc that were partners and it involved purchasing shares and when decisions came down we would vote with our shares. Max anyone could own was 10,000 shares for a full partner. Our little chain was owned by a bigger company called a DSO (dental service organization). The Doctors owned the charts (patients) and the DSO owned the business side of the operation. The DSO ran the business part of dentistry like marketing, billing, collections, legal, paying the bills etc… and gave the doctor group their cut of the profits after all was said and done. Sounds great! all I have to do is take care of patients and all else is done for me and I get a profit share and make decisions that help the business, right?

Well you find out pretty quick that the guy who counts the money owns the business. If you do not control the money you do not own anything. All those decisions we voted on were pre decided. They were the equivalent of would you like red or green and not what color would you like or what color do we need here. The sad part was that a lot of the “partners” could not even see it.

Definitely know what you are getting into and ask questions, ask someone who knows the business, talk to a lawyer. When I bought my practice I did things much differently.


There has to be a certain level of trust within society, in business, in politics, within your own personal relationships. If it’s not there you are always having to watch your back personally I don’t think believe it’s healthy and wholesome way to operate a society. Everyone like the old gunslinger movie’s, him backing out the door so no one will back shoot’em while all the time pointing his at everyone else as he leaves. There has to be certain level of honor, I guess that a little too much to expect from a company who’s leader, was talking up his Space company on media while the same day he had employees die in his warehouses from tornadoes in Kentucky. He had to be shamed to show any concerns fake as it probably was. But he is billionaire so it’s ok he provides jobs. Talk about narcissism :thinking:

Exploitation has many faces.

Wow! Eye-opening! Thanks for sharing.

We need fine print and exploitation reform in this country. Whatever happened to the paperwork reduction and simplification act. Am I dreaming that there ever was one?