AAC admins are meeting tonight


Uhhh … HALF the members in the AAC are making it no secret they WANT OUT …

the rest

Navy Tulsa Tulane Temple ECU SMU are not going to stand in their way without a majority on their side.

The AAC was doomed from the beginning once it lost its BCS/P5 rating …

To prevent its getting deluted with CUSA … the ONLY option is to merge with the best of the MWC.

If they are meeting it “might” mean that the possible invitees have now notified the AAC that they are leaving. I now expect some big news in the next few days if not hours.

I hope Navy is not left in that conference with those teams. Respect the hell out of those boys.

The target on UH was already big with the success last year and preseason hype. Add bolting to the Big XII for the 2017 season to the list (if it happens and is announced before the season) and the intensity of the conference games will be even higher especially for any schools that do not make the Big XII invite list. Looking forward to the season – it cannot get here fast enough.

Which school will hurt the AAC the most if it leaves?

In Football I think its UH. Basketball clearly UConn. Cincy mabye most combined between the two.

I believe the AAC requires a 27 month notice of exit. So wouldn’t this mean we could not be playing in a new conference until 2019??

Money solves all problems.

Any 2 of them. ESPN can terminate the contract if 2 of those 3 schools leave (or sub in UCF or USF). With what happened to CUSA, and the money crunch ESPN has been and will be under, the AAC will be in dire straights if ESPN does decide to tear up that contract.

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