AAC Bad losses and Good wins

USF lost at home to Morgan State last night 63-53. Morgan State was 326th in RPI last year.

This is the type of thing that can hurt the conference down the road come tourney time.

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ECU loses to Radford (224th in RPI last season). These losses will haunt the conference come selection time.


Temple looked pretty good against ODU today. Old Dom’s no cupcake, either. Predicted #3 in CUSA.

Not exactly on topic, but didn’t seem to warrant an AAC good wins thread.


At this point I don’t think ECU is a better team than Radford. It’s kind of a weird thing culturally, because a lot of people in that part of NC live and die with ECU football, but are Tarheel fans come Hoops season.

USF pretty much had to re-build the roster from scratch. Imagine Dickey-ball with 10X the player turnover and 25% of the winning, and that’s what USF was dealing with under their last coach.

Changing the topic name to include good wins as well.

Nice 14 point win by Temple over a pretty good Auburn team today

And then we come back and lose to Drexel…ouch…

Temple looks tough this season:


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Tough loss for the Shockers in the final of the Maui Classic.

Saw Cincy won their tourney and SMU lost in the first round of theirs to Northern Iowa.

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SMU beats #2 Arizona in the 2nd round of their tourney (both lost in the 1st round).

UCONN beat Oregon.

Bad night all-around for the conference as every team that played lost:


Besides East Carolina:

  • Temple lost to 4-3 La Salle
  • UCF lost to 6-1 St. Johns
  • Tulane lost to 4-2 Georgia State
  • UCONN lost by a lot to Arkansas
  • USF lost to 5-1 Eastern Michigan



Xavier beat Cincy and Mick Cronin tried to fight a Xavier player in the handshake line afterwards. Cronin said the player said Eff you three times.

Wichita State best Baylor though. Go Shockers.

Temple and UCF are the only teams in the conference that are playing an OOC schedule in the top 100 of the country. We collectively have to quit scheduling cream puff games. It is going to hurt come March.

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Good news, UCF beat a ranked Alabama squad.

Bad news, Temple lost to a mediocre George Washington squad


And then Temple turns around and beats Wisconsin on the road. Jekyll and Hyde team




Wichita State knocks off a previously 1 loss Okie State in Stillwater. Another nice win for the conference. Hopefully Cincy can pull off the upset against #5 Florida.

By the way, the breakdown for each team prior to today is:

Temple 4-0
Houston 2-0
Wichita State 3-1
SMU 2-1
UCF 2-3
Cincinnati 0-1
ECU 0-1
Memphis 0-1
Tulane 0-1
Tulsa 0-1
USF 0-1

Conference has 16 more OOC games against P7 teams with Wichita State’s win over OSU making them 1-0 in those games. Here’s the remaining breakdown:

Cincinnati 3
Houston 2
Temple 2
Tulsa 2
Memphis 1
Tulane 1
Wichita State 1