Unless I am mistaken, our Coogs just won their fourth AAC men’s basketball conference title in 5 years; Also, 4 out of the 9 years of the American’s existence. Now, that is domination! Congrats and keep winning! On to NRG!!


We really won 5. Covid screwed us over with scheduling.


from a quick look at wiki list of AAC champions, with this one, we are now leading the conference with 38 team conference championships since the BigEast/now AAC began in 2013-14. Way to go Coogs!


Congrats Coogs!

Go Coogs PomPom


How (I believe) the AAC Tournament would look if play started tomorrow:

Seems about right with KenPoms AAC projections

If you are up late and want a quick fun watch.


that was a great game. maybe the best high importance game I’ve seen in 30 years.

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That game is why Jarreau will always rank among my all time favorite Coogs. Legendary performance!


How the Hell did we win that game? 9-point deficit with less than 5 to go, missed free throws, missed point blank layups, etc… We did everything we could to give that game to Rutgers and they still wouldn’t take it.


that’s great !

was watching the zags st marys after coogs game and they said zags won thier conf 10 out 11 past years and the wcc is a much worse conf. not that the aac is the acc but for the coogs to now be on that kind of pace shows where the cougars are.

That game is why Jarreau will always rank among my all time favorite Coogs. SAVAGE performance

FIFY :sunglasses:


Jarreau playing with extreme pain is why went to the Final Four that year.
And even though we ran into a tough team, that Final Four trip was a gold mine.
It immediately got us 3 starter-level transfers (Edwards, Carlton, and Moore) and commitments from 5 & 4 stars players (Jarrice & Arceneaux).
The commitments arrived on campus a year later.
And because we didn’t win a championship, players like Sasser wanted to come back and try for it.
So we are still reaping the benefits of that Final Four trip.


Add in NIL and you’re solid

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I am hopeful we will get similar contribution like we got from Tramon as a true freshmen from Arceneaux and Sharp. Let’s hope. What a game. Sasser has been picking pockets forever. Some things don’t change :smile:

I want that tourney championship too, because that trophy is really nice!

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NIL is great for holding on to your players.
We don’t know yet if it will make it harder to transfer in players from elsewhere.

This team could very easily be undefeated this season. Imagine that.


Undefeated regular season is fun and all…but undefeated NCAA tournament is where it is at!