AAC Championship Game in Primetime over Big 12!

It’s surprising to see AAC get its CG during prime time, while the Big 12 CG starts are garbage time. What message are the networks sending here about the value of AAC CG?

ESPN wanted a monopoly on the morning audience.

Instead of pitting the Big 12 against the SEC.

So they put the American agains the SEC in the 2:30 slot.

Ya Woo AAC.


Exactly, you don’t go head to head against the SEC. The B12 game will get a huge number.

CUSA game is on

Everyone will watch sec gm no one will watch AAC gm

It’s Manger Babies vs the Super Bowl all over again.


Im not even gonna watch the AAC game. This season burned me out of college football. My eyes are set on UHBasketball and the Texans

Although I do want UCF and Oklahoma to win their games

Can’t get excited about the AAC title game…watched most of the OU-Texas game…dang the Sooners have so much talent, especially on offense. That said, Herman has Texas on the right track to be a national power…

Yep look for Texas to win big 12 next year, Grier and Murray gone

OU has a good QB coming in Spencer Rattler

Wow Memphis came to play!

Memphis got lucky 2 qb go down just before they play them.


Not so fast my friend, look for Texas to lose 3 games next year.

I wonder if they are doing game breaks in the Alabama Clemson game to show Memphis UCF highlights.

I do not recall seeing one yet.

They keep showing the wrong angles. There was an angle that shows the lineman missed the ball entirely. Which is a good thing. Heupel finding out the hard way his QB has fumblitis.

Watching Murray bleed Herman and the clock on that last drive was priceless.

Texas…blah, blah, blah.

Look for them to lose their bowl game too.

Did UCF hire Dinofrio.

Who goes to the NY6 game if Memphis wins?

Would the win rank Memphis?

Boise or Fresno winner?

Winner of Boise v Fresno State most likely.

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