AAC Compiled Preseason Rankings 2018


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No real issue with the rankings but noticed how there is consensus in the East among the 5 rankings on who the Top 3 and Bottom 3 teams are. The West seems more up in the air except for Memphis as #1.

80 days to kickoff? Or does it make it seem shorter to say only 11 more Saturdays without Cougar football?


I wonder if Phil Steel’s rankings include all of our transfers.

No. That was from the magazine which was published a few weeks ago.

And @CougarDave, I’d go with 11 Saturdays.


Steele actualy has us tied for 2nd with Navy.

Seems to me that once again, the “experts” pick it just like it finished last year for the most part !!!

I just bought the digital version of Steele’s mag. He has all the transfers listed on our roster, but still has us tied for second with Navy. I suspect it’s because we play both Navy and Memphis on the road. Both teams have proven head coaches. Memphis has an Arizona St transfer ready at quarterback, and Navy has an experienced, athletic qb.


even nick Watkins?