AAC delusions

The Big 12 is the newest and least historic “P5” and was always BY FAR the least cohesive P5 conference culturally.

What binds PAC together? West Coast culture, coalition of top Cali schools, top academics
What binds SEC together? Southern culture, great football
What binds ACC together? Top academics, great basketball
What binds B1G together? Rust belt culture, top level academics, football, solid basketball
What bound Big 12 together? OU and UT

The Big 12 as any kind of real P5 high level money making conference is dead. ESPN doesn’t want the AAC raided (my opinion) or pay any more money to to the little 8 than is reasonable market value now. Hence B12 must cease to exist. Little 8 can fold into AAC at $10M/year or kick rocks.

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Big 12 is bound by Tractor racing, Bronco Busting


Where I disagree with the Kansas City Star is when they say they are united against a common enemy. How are they united if one or more schools was talking privately about coming to the AAC?

This article is starkly final. There is no alternative.


B12’s media contract is pretty much dead as it exists. It will be modified (lowered) one way or another. Power 5 reputation is now killed with UT/OU leaving.

Big East had all of this and exists as a shell of what it was as a basketball. conference.

The only thing that the B12 still has that the AAC doesn’t is that it is an autonomous conference. This is the only reason I would see keeping the B12 intact and adding to it. What value does maintaining autonomous status have these days? I don’t know, with NIL and other changes that have dulled the NCAA, players, schools and ultimately conferences have more freedom to do what they want, therefore making autonomous status relatively moot.

Otherwise, it’s a decision based on the best media deal, most likely through ESPN. I don’t think Fox will have as much sway.

You forgot another favorite pastime…noodling.

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Why not? In the big12 we may be the top product when we are doing well, but when we aren’t, espn would let fox have our games.

Whereas, keeping us in a depleted AAC would mean more viewers, at a lower cost, tuning into espn

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The size of the media market is tertiary.

Anyone ever been to:
College Station
South Bend

It’s the size of the following that matters.


AAC is not delusion.

AAC has nothing to do with it.

It is all ESPN. They make all the decisions. Not the commissioner. Not the Board of Presidents / Chancellors


UH has lost 20 mil+ per year since 1996. Let them eat cake!!


What scares me is the amount of people that don’t realize espn’s goal is to eventually ensure schools like UH are never relevant in football again.

The amount of people that don’t see that espn’s plan is to eventually make the aac an irrelevant conference is just simply astounding.

What do you mean by schools like UH?

Mid tier schools that have the potential of threatening the sec if they were given a real chance. UH has real potential but has never been given the chance. And espn will ensure we never do and our fans our happily cheering it on.

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ESPN goal is to make money.

They don’t care either way about any school. Their responsibilities is to the shareholders as decided by their corporate superiors. Nothing more, nothing less.


And you know what makes them the most money? An sec only division of college football. Espn will save millions by not paying us and eventually forcing us into irrelevancy. If espn knows the only thing to watch is the sec which they fully control, they are going to do everything in their power to make sure no other conference is able to compete.

This is why we have to immediately find a way to get revenue by other means. The program needs to figure out some creative revenue streams.

I don’t think that necessarily makes them the most money.

If there are only two conferences, imagine how much leverage those conferences have when negotiating with ESPN? With four or five conferences, they can play them off against one another. Not being able to do that stands to cost them a lot more than they are paying us (which is not very much).

Your logic makes sense, unless you think of it as a monopoly. If the ONLY college football is sec football that alone will make them more money than god.

In that scenario, the SEC doesn’t actually need ESPN very much and ESPN’s cut - if it even gets one - would reflect that.