AAC down the stretch

Here’s how the conference shakes out down the stretch:

UH (10-3): home for Tulsa, at Memphis, home for Cincy, at UConn, home for Memphis

Tulsa (9-3): at UH, home for SMU, home for Tulane, home for UCF, at Temple, at WSU

Cincy (9-3): at ECU, home for UCF, home for WSU, at UH, at USF, home for Temple

SMU (8-4): at Tulane, at Tulsa, home for Memphis, home for WSU, at UCF, at USF

Memphis (6-5): at UConn, home for ECU, home for UH, at SMU, at Tulane, home for WSU, at UH

WSU (6-5): home for Tulane, home for USF, at Cincy, home for Temple, at SMU, at Memphis, home for Tulsa

It’s a rough road for everyone. We have 5 games left with 3 at home including Tulsa, Cincy, and Memphis; but tough road games at Memphis and UConn.


Damn shame a Tulsa crapped the OOC and Memphis just crapped. We’re a tough conference.Very tough mentally. Everyone can get tough for one game.

It will be a dog fight.


Needless to say we have to win out home games and at least split on the road. I like our chances

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@red80 Appreciate the work!!

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Unfortunately many in the media dont see it this way because too many salivate and bow to the ACC in basketball. The ACC is like the SEC in football. A few good teams win alot and carry the weight of others yet the whole conference is propped up.

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That’s the big right now not the acc

Damn…could see us losing both roadies and Cincy w/ only one more loss to us.
As mentioned, MUST split one of the roadies. SMU game HURT. :frowning:

Your opinion is probably not going to look that good come SelectionSunday. Most prognosticators say as little as 4 teams will come out of ACC. Do some digging you will see.
The Big10 is the one who will be heavily represented as well as they should be. I think the AAC conts to make strides but it still can’t stand w the top 3-4 Confs in game/game competition.
Jmo fwiw. #GoCoogs

Even if the selection committee puts that many AAC teams in it will be some not so good seeds. I’m just saying that some other conference dont get judged so strictly on conference losses as that AAC teams.

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Might want to read my post again. I didnt say how many AAC teams were projected. I said how many ACC teams were – 4 compared to the the 8-10 that can get invited in that Conf in any given year. Anyway my point is ACC has long long history of sustained excellent Basketball programs and hsve earned the benefit of doubt most times. #ItIsWhatItIs

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Listening to the announcers, you would think the whole B1G will get in.


I am not that knowledgeable on how many wins we would need to be a lock on the selection committee taking us for sure as a single digit seed. Thoughts from those who know better than me please. Are we in with our current 20 wins or does 20 push us down to a 12 or 13? Thanks.

I think we go 4-1 with loss @ UConn! If we only lose one the rest of the way & win our tournament, we might be a 4 or 5 seed! I agree that media doesn’t look at our conference the way most of us do. Not trying to be arrogant, but the really die hard fans on this board follow the American much more than they do. I believe most conference play across the board is ver tough with a few exceptions ex. Gonzaga etc…

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I don’t for a second think you want the Committee to see you lose your last 6 gms. Which would happen if you finish at 20 W’s. That’d be quickest way to spell NIT! :cold_sweat::unamused::flushed:

To be more precise 3-2 to end season will prob get them at least #10 seed. Go 4-1 n win couple of Conf gms in play in the Conf CShip will get you in the 5-7 range imo. #GoCoogs

I think UH is the best team in the AAC this year, but not that much better than the next 3 or 4 teams.

Let’s face it, we have 3 losses in conference, all on the road, and by 2, 2 and 1 point.

I am more concerned that while we have a very solid roster, that in these 3 losses, we have had some of our best players not show up when it counts.

Like coach said, you need a few seasoned seniors.


We had two guys hit double figures yesterday. Despite the fact that a lot of people scored we seem to be a demonstrably different team when we breach the 3 (10+) threshold. 4 means we’re damn near unbeatable, regardless of how the other team shoots percentage wise.

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I’m more concerned about the game at UCONN than the others. They gave us all we wanted here and they continue to improve.

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Jess - I sure hope we win 3 or more the rest of regular season and 2 or more in our tourney. I agree we do not need to lose last 6 games. That would be terrible.

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Can count on it. Have them going at least 4-1 to finish up. That SMU gm actually showed me some positives and how they responded coming out of the Half w/ some moxie in them. With such young team it could have got ugly, but they responded in positive way.

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