AAC Games - Week of Jan 26th

Some interesting games outside of our Cougars (ECU is not an easy road trip and @ Cincy will be challenging because you know Cumberland will be hot).

Temple @ UConn – can Temple keep UConn at the bottom of the AAC in their final season?
Wichita St @ Tulsa – I never thought I would say this about this game but might have big implications on the AAC regular season championship

SMU at Cincy should be good tomorrow


Will tell us if Cincy is steady again.

Just noticed the Coogs are on the dreaded (for YTTV streamers) ESPN3 for the road game at ECU.

Good game on tonight. I wish it was on a little later so I could watch more of it. For TV games, I like the 8 PM CT starts.


Me too.

If SMU wins that game things will start to materialize in conference. SMU can be a tough out.

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2/3s of the UConn Whistle Brigade calling the SMU @ Cincy game?

Cincy was up big early but SMU shooting their way back into it. 25-16 with 4:30 left in H1

Cincy smashed SMU 65-43. They are playing good ball. Sat is going to be a tough challenge.


Cumberland found his groove. And SMU falls back into familiar middlin territory.

former coog gabe grant…hits game winner for buffalo against mac favorite akron @akron


Memphis nursing a 2 pt lead over UCF with 3 mins left. I don’t like Memphis but UCF beating them does not help AAC/UH

Memphis wins by 2 to go to 4-3 in AAC


UConn smoking Temple by almost 20 with just under 2 mins left. Temple is hard to figure out.

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It’s really not that hard. They’re soft and frontrunners

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They’re certainly kicked the door down on their frustrating January.

Tulane has fallen apart lately. Hunter may have to walk on water if he don’t turn it around. Losing at home to USF by 14 isnt good.


Not AAC but SC best Arkansas at Fayetteville


S.C. is weird.

They beat USC (#39 Net) on the road and Wichita St (#30). They played Maryland (#14) very close until the final couple of minutes but yet are 2-6 in the AAC and lost to Penn as well. I guess the decent wins are the anomaly.

WSU at Tulsa today should be a dandy. Tulsa might bring the Shockers down to planet earth for good.