AAC gets some respect with Bowl Matchups

Memphis, Navy, Temple, and Cincy all have P5 opponents. Let’s hope the conference can sweep them. PSU will be very tough.


That great news. This is very good for the AAC. Go Coogs

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Who do they play?

12/28 Cotton Bowl: Memphis vs Penn State (NY6 bowl in Dec – don’t seem right)
1/4 Armed Forces Bowl: Tulane vs So. Miss
1/2 Birmingham Bowl: Cincy vs Boston College
12/31 Liberty Bowl: Navy vs Kansas State
12/27 Military Bowl: Temple vs North Carolina (Thanks Ron)
12/23 Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl: UCF vs Marshall
12/21 Boca Raton Bowl: SMU vs FAU


Forgot one.
12/27 Military Bowl: Temple vs North Carolina


Thanks, I fixed it. Sure would be nice to run the table. Yes, even SMU.


Penn St will be a tall order for Memphis but other than that it looks very doable.

Of the nine bowls that pit “P5” schools against “G5” schools, four involve AAC teams. The Mountain West has three, C-USA and MAC have one each. Sorry, Sun Belt.

SMU and Florida Atlantic kinda got hosed… They both had ten-win seasons and their reward is to face each other in the Rat Mouth Bowl on tbe first Saturday of bowl season.


I’d rather see them play each other than SMU play a 6-6 team from a P5. Cincy got hosed with the BC match up. Yes it’s AAC vs P5 but Cincy deserves a better match. I know there are all kinds of contractual stuff about who plays who and all. it would be nice if that could just go away. UC vs 8-4 Virginia Tech or 8-4 Wake would be about right, I think.

Also, Navy vs K State seems a little weak but K-state did beat OU so there’s that.

Temple vs UNC, meh, that doesn’t bother me.

They changed it a couple years back because viewership on weeknights wasn’t good. This puts the NY6 games on primetime.

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All they have to do to prove it is to go out and drub BC.


Texas got a decent bowl with a highly ranked opponent albeit from a relatively weak conference. They could not have drawn a more highly ranked weaker opponent than Utah.

I speculate a lot of influence from boosters went into that selection.

I’ll have to check but I may want to make that Cotton Bowl. I’ve never been and I’d like to see Memphis beat Penn St. I’d go in my coog gear, of course. :slight_smile:

I’m excited about eating crow on our conference weakness. Those are about 80% winnable. Penn State will be rough. And Kansas State ain’t bad. Tulane/Temple worries me.

Yep. I think they will. They sure have a penalty problem, don’t they.

Sadly, the best match up was the Aggies. They could have filled up NRG. What a bunch of hard heads.

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a Texas team that’s better than its record suggest . . . . . would that be POTENTIAL ? ? ? ? ?

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The AAC bowl tie ins still suck.

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Geez…does everything have to be a UT conspiracy theory? That highly ranked “weaker opponent” is a TD favorite. Utah covers that spread easily.

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