AAC Is 4-3 In Bowl Games

My hope is they take the next 3 which would put them at 4-3 for this year’s bowl season.

Big 12. 0-2


Big 12, 0-3
Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma


Whoops. Thank you for the correction.


Pac 12 1-2


Let’s just hope Navy beats K St., Cincy beats BC, and Tulane beats So. Miss. We would then end up 4-3.

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Big 12 is 1-4 going into the Baylor game.

Navy beat KSt, so AAC is now 2-3. Go Bearcats and Green Wave!


Man, I’m not a hater… but, I wish Texas would have lost :face_with_monocle:.

Screw the Big 12.

Coogs 2020!


Would be nice to know the records vs p5 competition

Well, Cincy thumped BC which makes the AAC 3-3. It’s up to Tulane now to give the AAC a winning record in post season. They play Southern Miss in the Armed Forces Bowl on Saturday.


I wish UofH was in the Big XII or any power conference.

Uh where have you been? Everyone on this board wishes that.

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People on this board make fun of power conference by calling it names while forgetting we make $30 million less than those teams annually. We’ve been eating at the kids table.


WE know brother! WE know…

Doesn’t mean that we have to be miserable because of it.

We can have fun too.

We can also point out inconsistencies and hypocrisies and laugh about them. Makes it a little easier to take for me personally. Some of these guys are pretty witty with what they come up with.

My fave is LTH😂… little Tom Herman.

My favorite one is The Cartel. Everyone calls P5s the cartel but they want to be part of that cartel.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

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If it weren’t for the trappings (money, bowl and CFP access) I’d prefer the AAC to most P5 conferences. But money/instability just can’t be ignored.

I would rather these things not matter as much as they do, but they do.

But I have no problem ripping on them right up until we get an invite.



Come on Tulane! Can you tackle? Why didn’t they play this crappy when we were in NO?

They did play pretty crappy the first half when we played them …