AAC is our Saving Grace

Well, we are 7-6…after 9-4…after 13-1.
Yes, we have taken a fairly dramatic fall over two years. Good coaching can turn this around.
But what saves us from looking really…really mediocre (because that is what 7-6 is) are our conference mates.

If UCF wins that Peach, it gives the conference respect.
USF will finish Top 25
Memphis can finish Top 25

That could be three teams in the Top 25. So even though we lost to garbage and mediocre teams (Tulsa = garbage, Texas Tech = mediocre, Tulane = mediocre) and a couple good teams in Memphis and FSU, our Conference continues to rise and is getting some respect.

We may not get blue blood money next go round, but it will be better than the last deal. And hiring good coaches is all about money.

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I may be in the minority in this line of thinking, but I think when you run a clean program, you get these ebb’s and flows. I loved 13-1, not liking 7-6 (glad we’ve raised our expectations). Few teams are Alabama caliber and can win 12-13 games per year.

And yes it’s helps to be in the AAC, where we can turn it around really quick.

Let’s let major find his way. I want him to succeeded here.


“Major will find a way. Major will evolve.”-Ian Malcolm

7-5 right?

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Ebbs and flows come from having 3 head coaches in 4 years, having two mediocre at best recruiting classes in ‘14 and ‘15 due to a poor head coach and not targeting specific positions (OL and CB) well enough during the last 4 years.

We finished right where most of the experts expected us to finish. That was the talent level we had and our coaches weren’t able to get more out of them, but also didn’t do worse.

Want to see the next steps this program takes. Can CMA hire a good OC that can tailor a system with players in mind? Can the DC make the necessary changes they need to make? Can CMA reflect on his first season as head coach and find areas where he can improve.

We should be better next year. IMO, we will have better upperclass talent and depth and we will have what should be an easier schedule.

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Great points. Is it too early to write that this upcoming season will define CMA’s Head Coaching career? It sure will be the greatest test that he has faced so far.

Unless he has a losing season, I think it’s too early. I think he’ll get at least two more years

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CaptainCougar, I am with you 100%.

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On the offensive side (per game):
2017: 28 pts 428 yds
2016: 36 pts 443 yds
2015: 40 pts 484 yds

On the defensive side (per game):
2017: 23 pts 418 yds
2016: 23 pts 325 yds
2015: 21 pts 381 yds

Outside of getting pasted by Tulsa (for Tulsa’s only AAC victory), UH lost 3 games by 3, 4 and 3. As sad and predictable as the offense looked and as soft as the defense looked at times, this team was not too far off from a 1st place AAC West Champion season and I find that hard to imagine. However, we have to remember that the magical 2105 season included late game heroics to win the Louisville road game, the Memphis home game and the slugfest with a mediocre Tuberville team at Cincinnati. Even Orlando’s D gave up over 500 yards and 4 TDs to Gunner…

Major needs to:

  1. Fix the declining offensive production and I hope he goes outside for an OC with a more imaginative playbook.
  2. Figure out how to strategize, motivate his players to execute, etc. for whatever can flip those 3 and 4 point losses to victories.

I don’t think he is as far off from turning this around as it feels.


Using the same logic, we won 3 games by 1 score, so the odds of us finishing 4-7 are the same as the odds of us winning the division

I won’t argue against that stat. This year seemed worse than the record and felt a lot like last year except last year’s good wins were better and this year’s loss to Tulsa seemed worse than any last year. Maybe 2015 shouldn’t have been as good as it was and happened to catch lightning in a bottle enough to keep this from being a 6-year stretch of very mediocre, frustrating football since Keenum graduated?