AAC Officiating vs NCAA Tournament

I noticed how Cincinnati O is built to get many FT’s and in the AAC this is great for them. Unfortunately, when they get into the NCAA tournament, this O works against them because the officiating let’s the teams play way more than the AAC refs. Thus Cincinnati and Temple are already one and done.

UH vs Cincinnati and officiating:
@UH Cincinnati was 6-11 FT’s and Cumberland was 5-6.
UH was 6-10.

UH vs Cincinnati at Cincinnati:
Cincinnati was 25-33 FT’s and Cumberland was 9-12.
UH was 13-18.

UH vs Cincinnati in the Championship game:
Cincinnati was 19-25 FT’s and Cumberland was 10-13.
UH was 11-18.

Now look at today Tournament game against Iowa.
Cincinnati was 10-14 and Cumberland was 1-2. That might just be the first time Cumberland ever had only one made FT in a game since starting for Cincinnati.

Oh and Iowa was 10-18.
The Cincinnati-Iowa game had a total of 32 FT attempts for the game.
The UH Cincinnati championship game saw Cincinnati alone having 25 FT attemps and when UH played at Cincinnati, they had 33 FT attempts. That is 1 more than the combined total for today’s game.

One advantage UH has going into today’s game is UH wins more often because of scoring on O. These guy’s expect to get fewer calls and make up for it with rebounding, 3’s and great D.

UH is more tournament ready than anyone else in the AAC.
Now let’s hope that Georgia St. does not shoot 3’s like Wofford and UH 3’s are falling.

I would not be suprised to see UCF loose to VCU but I hope they can get a 1 point win before they are beaten by Duke.


A bit like the NBA playoffs if you think about it.


These AAC refs have always tried their best to make it hard for the Coogs to win! Their attitude is that the Coogs don’t deserve to be the AAC’s best team since the conference is supppsed to be belonged to Cinci and Memphis and if the Coogs are going to win they are going to have to beat both the refs and Cinci or Memphis!

These tournament games have just exposed how corrupt the AAC referees are and without these refs backing them up Cinci and Memphis are simply better than average teams, not good enough to beat the Coogs in fairly-officiated games!

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Ok, even with Valentine officiating, the tournament let’s them play more.

UH vs Georgia St FT’s:
Georgia St. 13-17
UH - 10-13

Yes FT’s will matter more in the next game, but few if anyone is depending on getting FT’s like Cincinnati depends on. They are just not calling it right now like the AAC did.


Well, this is on the NCAA for not holding the refs accountable in the regular season. They should mandate that the refs back off the ticky tack stuff in regular season play. Freethrow shooting contests ruin ratings and March Madness is proof how much the flow of the game is important to the watch-ability of the product


Zion is going to get Taco Fall to fould out in the first half if Dawkins leaves him in.