AAC power rankings: Week 1

I remember when no one did rankings until after 4 or 5 games had been played. To rank teams before then is just pure speculation and utterly meaningless. So, here are my meaningless rankings.

  1. UCF - This is my gut talking here, plus see USF below
  2. USF - This is my gut talking here too. My gut is telling me the same thing it did when A&M hired Sumlin. Wins in spite of himself. Strong is headed for ignominy. Talented teams with mediocre to bad records. He had just enough good years at Louisville to get UT’s job but he can’t motivate or coach consistently.
  3. Tulane - Just watch. You’ll see.
  4. Everyone else
  5. Houston - Not just because I’m a COOGFAN either. I think we have better depth on both sides. I think either Allen or Postma throws better than Ward, Jr. Postma can run well, not Ward-like of course, and Allen I don’t know about. Saw spring game but he wasn’t scrambling and I don’t remember what he ran like at A&M. O-line looks bigger so hopefully stronger. Coach very unhappy with run game after SDSU pounding. I expect UH to run the ball much more effectively. Need receivers other than Bonner/Dunbar to step up. D-line looks good but not sure about our depth at DE. LBs should be OK. I always worry about the secondary pass coverage until I see it in action.
  6. Navy - Perfect schemes for guys with limited time to prepare and sooooo well coached.
  7. SMU - Just watch. You’ll see. (UH will CRUSH ponies because it’s a revenge game for how horribly bad UH played against them last year.) My personal preference would be for UH SMU game to become a heated rivalry. It will take time but I think the potential is there.
  8. Everyone else
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Tulane is in the AAC West

OOPS. I knew that. They are probably neck n neck in my mind, and my meaningless ranking, with SMU. Besides, my OCD requires symmetry and no one else in the East deserves mentioning!

Until they lose this season, hard to put Navy anywhere but #1 given their first two seasons in the AAC West and their consistency / discipline.

I would agree except for the fact that, at this point in the season, it is meaningless to put anyone anywhere.

I mostly agree with this, but would probably mention Memphis and drop Tulane out of the discussion.

UCF v. Memphis this week will hopefully tell us a lot more about UCF than we currently know, but there are some weird factors at play. First, Hurricane Irma and how it impacts players’ focus. This one hits a bit too close to home. Second, UCF played FIU in Week 1. They didn’t struggle a bit, but that tells us absolutely nothing about how they’ll perform against a good team. Memphis played ULM and did struggle, but Memphis throws a lot and it was a very wet game and I don’t know much about ULM. I didn’t get to watch that game, but I’m just spitballing here.

If UCF can remain focused in the face of a very large storm (very big if), I’m looking forward to what this game tells us about both teams. There aren’t any other good conference match ups this week. USF should destroy UConn despite USF’s early struggles and Navy should whip Tulane.

You think Postma throws better than Ward?

You might be the only person who has watched those 2 play to come to that conclusion.

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Yes. His motion is smooth and his arm is stronger. Sure he missed a lot of open guys when he was filling in but how many reps had been getting?

My brain says that too, but my gut says Tulane…it’s a hunch.

The AAC and power rankings are an oxymoron.

Scout board is missing you QB.


I thought I smelled a Scout poster…

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I remember when I first learned the meaning and correct usage of the word oxymoron. I used it every chance I could. Then I went to middle school.

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When will you graduate from middle school?

I dropped out after the fifth year.