AAC 'Power Six' push, UCF title claim irritate at least some G5

“Call it a Group of Five street fight.”

" said claims of dominance by the AAC trivialize the efforts of other Group of Five programs in the Sun Belt, Mountain West, Conference USA and MAC."

Sorry but AAC is the best non p5, Mountain West is a step below AAC and the others are more than 1 step below MW.


Just in the past two years there have been 6 top 25 ranked AAC teams, Houston, UCF, USF, Memphis, Navy and Temple. The other 4 “G5” conferences don’t have 6 ranked teams between their 4 conferences.

The AAC has five wins over top 10 teams in the last 3 years. The rest have zero.

The AAC has two NY6 bowl wins over the last 3 years. The rest have zero.

I don’t see how this is hard to understand.


That’s because you are using results and logic. That has no place when conferences are self-evaluating .


Do not bring facts to fanatics…lol


Frazier is just wasting his time and breath on criticizing the AAC and UCF. What he should be doing, like a “real” athletic director does, is focus his efforts on improving the athletic programs of NIU. Instead, he is focusing his attention on trying to create a “G5” playoff and criticizing the accomplishments UCF and the AAC has done.

Also, who care if many of the schools in the AAC do not have a “winning history.” What matters is they are winning now, are occasionally ranked, and beat multiple P5 teams a season. That’s more than I can say for many of the schools in the mighty MAC.


To use the recent buzzword for the ‘Case Keenum Starting’ thread.

Other G5 issues w AAC playing well

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Isn’t this the a-hole who has been pushing a G5 playoff? Screw this guy

*apologies for my strong language but nothing is more infuriating to me than ESPN and their schills pushing the G5 playoff bs


Not only is the performance on the field the best, but I’d venture to say that average attendance, tv contract revenue and athletic budgets are all higher than the rest of the G5 conferences.


I agree that overall the AAC is the best G5 conference. Makes it even harder to live with getting beat two years running by MW teams in bowl games.

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Basketball, football, track, baseball. There is no comparison. The AAC is the best by a large margin when considering sports that matter.


I see… know our place, keep quiet, wait for crumbs, and then be grateful for said crumbs. P5 = cartel.


When I saw the long term ESPN deal with the Sunbelt didnt mention $ ?

I thought the same thing.

Be happy your on national TV for crumbs. At least it pays for travel…

“A minimum of 500 events a year will appear on an ESPN platform.
Every Sun Belt football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball game will be on an ESPN platform.”

Hopefully this means they are filling the AAC spot because we are getting a big $ raise somewhere else.

OR these cheapskates have more leverage against the AAC.

I admittedly misread some of this article. This is another G5 dude complaining about UCF. Still though, what are we supposed to do? Sit back and just take whatever? Nope.

Frazier needs to shut the hell up. Guy is a P5 shill and is the one pushing for a G5 playoff.

Dodd keeps giving this guy the time of day because Dodd has been downplaying the P6 stuff as well.

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