AAC Preseason Position Previews: Offensive Line

Pretty high ranking, but we do have everyone back.


2 Houston: Will Noble and Mason Denley were injured in the spring, which allowed multiple players to get experience and play new positions. Alex Fontana and Kameron Eloph took snaps at center for Noble. Marcus Oliver looked to have one guard spot locked, and Denley should be the other in the fall. Braylon Jones, Na’Ty Rodgers and Joshua Jones will all play tackle just like last season. One could slide inside if needed.

I’d be thrilled if we finished 2nd in the AAC in O line play.

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If we do, I’d think we’d be around 10 wins on the season.

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Typically, good O and D lines mean high-win seasons. This could be the year we surprise people based on the combination of talent and experience alone. I still say a 9-win season is the benchmark - 8-wins wouldn’t be terrible - 10 or more is above expectations.

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