AAC Preseason Position Reviews: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

11. Houston: Steven Dunbar and Linell Bonner accounted for 156 receptions for 1,959 yards and eight touchdowns last season. The third leading receiver was D’Eriq King, who finished the season as the team’s starting quarterback. Raelon Singleton, a transfer from Utah, is the likely top target for King, but after that, the Coogs have almost no experience at wide out.

I think we will have a good receiving corp this fall. Singleton, Bryson Smith, Lark, Corbin, and Stevenson should be rounding into form and I expect some output from a couple of Freshmen – especially Julon Williams.

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The walk-on Kinte Hatton is someone to watch as well. Seems to have a good rapport with King and made some plays in the Spring Game with both the 1s and 2s.

This is definitely a strong group of receivers though. Think we’ll finally see the return of speed at that position.


Innovation, I would like to see packages with three TE’s, changing to three backs. Yes Dan Roy for a couple of plays at TE’s. It does not have to be overly complicated. I would love to be a fly on the wall and witness how the offense is shaping up.

I’d be surprised if there is a lot of innovation in this offense. Briles offenses tend to be very simple and rely on execution. There is no playbook and most of the offense is based on what they read when the defense sets up. Practice is basically just running the same “plays” over and over until it becomes muscle memory.