AAC Reset: Cincinnati, Houston, UCF established as frontrunners


Kelvin Sampson’s team hasn’t exactly had a murderer’s row schedule, but the Cougars are 13-0 heading into AAC play. That’s undefeated, for those of you keeping score at home. Their next toughest tests come at Temple (KenPom 74) on Jan. 9 and at SMU (89) on Jan. 16. If they make it through those two games, they very well could be blemish-free heading into an interesting three-game stretch to begin February at UCF, vs. Cincinnati and at UConn.

No one is expecting Houston to run the table, but given the meh-ness of their non-conference schedule and the blah-ness of the AAC at large, they’re going to need to rely heavily on simple win accumulation to boost their NCAA tournament resume and seed line. Getting to February undefeated would help that, for those keeping score at home.

You think this guy looked at our schedule before writing this crap.

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Barely. Basically looked at the standings, the schedule, the stat leaders, and then KenPom. Didn’t do much else.

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The “blah-ness of the AAC at large”? This writer lost even more credibility with that one. Undefeated UH, Cincy, UCF, Penny-led Memphis, UConn (historically has been good and has a good coach), SMU (ok, I know Larry Brown is gone but not that long ago…).

Good thing you don’t have to worry about perception as much in college basketball. Saw Lunardi had UH as a #5 in his latest projections for the tourney.

How cool would it be if UH can get tourney wins over Michigan and NC State this year?


Everybody on the board would be happy except Packtex!:smile: