AAC Team/Player updates for 2022 Football Season

UC star RB declares for NFL Draft


Will hurt UC big time. Already was losing
QB Ridder… UH will be picked #1 imo in Conf Pre-Season Polls.



UC wins one n loses one today.

Well, until I see what improvement our O-line brings next year, I will have to say UC is the favorite even without Ridder and Ford.


They’re losing quite a bit across the board. Think it will be UC/UH #1 & 2 , whichever way they vote the 2 as favorites.

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Cincy (especially with Fickell) is the best until we prove otherwise.

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Another underclassmen from UC , headed to the NFL. He’s a good one. In his 3 yrs at UC, he never allowed a TD pass to be caught against him.


I have seen Gardner mocked as high as mid to late 1st and Ford in the 3rd to 4th.

Good luck to both.


I see Gardner going in first round, be shocked if he didn’t. I think he was rated as the #3 or 4 CB if he was to declare early. Ford, I’m predicting btw 2-4th round.


There are some really good running backs out there to be had 2nd and beyond…. As a long suffering Texans fan I hope they find a one…. Rex Burkhead? Really


New UH Coog Asst OL Coach. Came from y’alls favorite pipeline of Coaching-- UT Austin. I only bring the information.

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Doing a little more digging, he was a Grad asst at UH for 2 yrs b4 going to UT as OL Anayst. He’s young. Under 30 anyway.

Edit: played at Marland I think.

He’s new ASST OL Coach. Promotion from his UT gig.

Edit: Asst OL Coach @UHCougarFB is what his Twitter profile says.


Many are welcoming him back.



Former Coog WR – Ayers

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Bye Jerome- don’t let the door hit you…

As long as they have Fickell they are trouble.

Gardner has length and speed. He will get plenty of opportunities to play in the NFL.

I saw where Cincinnati is losing 30 seniors. I’m sure they’ll be decent to good, but there’s no way they will be what they were this year.


Yep, I keep trying to say how much they’re losing. It’s a bunch. Sure they’ll be ok, just not as exp for sure.

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