AAC title game time/network set

December 1 at 2:30, on ABC.

Better than 11 am.



We bumped the B12 title game to 11 am. No, really.



If we should host the game, the Fertitta Center opening is that evening. If the game is played in Florida, I wonder how many will stay in town for the basketball opening.

Damn same day as Fertitta opening

that kinda sucks if its not at home

i think its a great marketing opportunity…
double header if its at home

huge watch party at tdecu, if its away, and another watch party at tdecu if feritta is sold out for those who came for football…
we have more football fans than basketball…oregon is a top 15 teams…this would be an amazing way to introduce our casual football fans to the fact we have good basketball

we are a month away from opening and we still havent sold out the opening of our new arena, vs a top 15 opponent, the year after we had our 1st tournament win in ages…for context, cincy has sold out every single game for its arena opening on 3x the ticket price, and twice the capacity

we need all the marketing help we can get


The only bright spot is that the Oregon game doesn’t tip off until 8 pm.

Even if the football game goes 4 hours, it would be over by 6:30, so there would be plenty of time to make the basketball game.


That’s a great start time. Just canceled the airline trip, since I’m not missing the opening of fertetta center. Now rooting against ucf so UH can host.

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It’s always 11:00 AM

The game is 2:30 cst, you’re welcome.

They’re pitting us against the SEC championship game on CBS starting at 3p CT.

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