AAC tournament

tickets are now on sale for those interested in going…its in march @ memphis


Looks like $175 and up for the all-session tickets. A little less than $20 per game if you go to all of the games.

Enough with having it in Memphis. Big arena, but no one will attend.

Sigh…back in Memphis. When will it ever be in Texas?

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Beginning next year in Fort Worth


2019 FedEx Forum (Memphis, TN)
2020 Dickies Arena (Fort Worth, TX)
2021 Dickies Arena (Fort Worth, TX)
2022 Dickies Arena (Fort Worth, TX)

Doubt Fertitta seats enough to be in the running. Even if the tourney games don’t sell out, they did sell over 8k tickets last year.


These tournaments are always poorly attended…especially if the “home” team is crap.

Most times, they could be held in a HS gym as far as real attendance goes.

I know it is about money and the local city selling tickets to corporations, but few people really attend.

In the old SWC days, they held it many years in Houston at the summit. Primarily because there were so many alums from the various schools in the Houston area. Attendance and thus money was good.

Unfortunately, UH won a couple of times…ut and a$m bitched about “home court” advantage, tournament moved to Dallas and attendance plummeted. Another brilliant move.

I think the FC would be an excellent place to hold the tourney…not that it will ever happen…but a 7K seat arena should never be the reason !

That Dickies arena looks nice from the outside. Those of you going to the bowl game tomorrow will be 2 miles from it.

Maybe we’ll check it out.

Cincinnati and Wichita State traveled pretty well to Orlando last year. UCF was a joke. We had more fans at our game against them than they had.

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I agree that FC would be great and that the actual attendance doesn’t match seats filled. Though that is because one ticket is for all games right? So selling 8600 tickets to fans that won’t show up to any one specific game but they could. They would have to change the system if it was at the FC because UH fans would not be allowed to buy all 7k tickets. The allotment per school would be much lower and would receive resistance from schools with fans that travel better than the allotment. Of the 8600 last year, how many were visiting team fans?

Thank God Memphis ain’t that good this year.


It is what it is. I understand that Memphis is somewhat a central location for all teams (travelwise), but Central Florida ??..or UConn or even Ft Worth ??

I’m sure various arenas bid on the tournament with incentives.

Doesn’t seem that the AAC (or other conferences for that matter) really care about actual attendance…BIG surprise !!

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I went when it was in Hartford because that is somewhat close to where I live; the turnout was terrible for everyone except UConn obviously. For the benefit of all teams it should be more central and Memphis actually kinda fits the bill for the AAC. New Orleans would also be a good fit, definitely bridges the southern schools, and is enticing enough of travel destination to bring northerners down south when its still chilly up there 1st week of March.


NO over Fart Worth anytime.


Moving it to Fort Worth because the Conference offices will be in Dallas after this year. They figure the tourney is withing driving distance for Wichita State, Tulsa, SMU, and Houston and that Memphis, Cincy, and UCONN will travel well.

They’ve realized the Florida schools just don’t care and ECU and Tulane are years away from being any good.


Where are the venues for the final four :grinning:?

Minneapolis miracle stadium! 500 bucks for the top nose bleed!

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NO would be the best location overall, imo.


Memphis could be a real threat playing at home. They are athletic and talented and will be focused playing at home with their season on the line