AAC Tourney Game 1 vs Memphis Thread (W 6-5, off until Thursday)

Can watch below:

Radio if you can’t watch or want a Coog announcer: Houston - Home

Carter Henry starting. Got to hope that the freshman can keep it under control today.

Starting Lineup…no Padgett:

Wong C
Hollis 2B
Scheiner 3B
Julks LF
Davis DH
Coldiron SS
Triolo RF
Lockhart 1B
Grimsley CF

Henry P

Gametracker link:

Memphis’s starter is Jonathan Bowlen who may have been their best starter this year, which isn’t saying a lot. He last pitched 9 days ago against East Carolina at home as it looks like they rested him over this past weekend. We did face him once as he came on in relief during the game they beat us 10-8 and pitched a couple of innings while giving up 1 run.

The important thing against Memphis is to limit their scoring and have the lead late as they have a very good closer.

Top 1st
Groundout to 3rd
2nd hitter for Memphis hits a solo home run…Tigers lead 1-0
Groundout to 3rd and K#1 end the inning

M1…Memphis leads 1-0

Camera angle is horrible

Yes it is. Someone should be fired thinking that putting at an angle where the pitcher is blocked out by a pole is acceptable.

Edit: looks like they’ve changed it to behind the pitcher now.

Bottom 1st
Wong grounds out to short
Hollis lines out to center
BOOOM!!! Scheiner dinger…Tied 1-1
Julks singles up the middle.
Julks steals 2nd
Davis walks
Coldiron Ks

T2…Tied 1-1

LOL, these commentators are brutal.

I’ve got Branham on while watching the video. Radio is a bit behind, bit I just couldn’t listen to the AAC announcers.

Scheiner Homer video:


Top 2nd
2 flyouts to center, a walk, and K#2

M2…Tied 1-1

Bottom 2nd
Triolo grounds out to 3rd
Lockhart singles to left
Grimsley flies out to shallow center
Lockhart steals 2nd
Wong drives one into the left center gap for a double, Lockhart scores…Coogs lead 2-1
Hollis flies out to the track in left

T3…UH leads 2-1

According to the AAC announcers, we used to be in the Mountain West Conference. That’s news to me.

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You can rewind the stream, so syncing them up that may be the thing to do.

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Replay of Wong’s double


Top 3rd
Groundout to 2nd, walk, K#3, flyout to center

M3…UH leads 2-1

Bottom 3rd
Scheiner flies out to left
Julks doubles to right center and is thrown out at 3rd trying to stretch it
Davis singles to left
Coldiron Ks looking

T4…UH leads 2-1