AAF Crowd Size

Question for those that have been keeping up with the AAF:

How are the crowd size looking for the new league? Are they getting a following?

I heard that SA Commanders are considering Manziel now that he’s been cut by the CFA. It seems very odd but we may see a Manziel --> Ward TD in the near future.

The current Commanders qb is horrible.

So is Manziel, based on what we saw in the CFL.

Ugh, hope not. Biggest jerk I have ever seen.

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Admittedly I have not seen a game and don’t intend to. I think it’s the latest flash in the pan.

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San Antonio leads the league in attendance so far, but the rest is a mixed bag:

Week 1 of AAF : 76,838 in paid attendance (19,210/game)

* Atl @ Orl 20,191
* SD @ SA 27,857
* Mem @ BHam 17,039
* SLC @ AZ 11,751

Week 2 of AAF : 78,494 in paid attendance (19,624/game).

* SLC @ BHAM 17,319
* AZ @ MEM 11,980
* ORL @ SA 29,176
* ATL @ SD 20,019

Week 3 of AAF : 56,312 in paid attendance (14,078/game)

* MEM @ ORL 20,394
* AZ @ SLC 10,412
* BHAM @ ATL 10,717
* SA @ SD 14,789

Week 4 of AAF : 38,327 in paid attendance (9,582/game)

* SD @ MEM 13,621
* ORL @ SLC 9,302
* SA @ BHAM 6,539
* ATL @ AZ 8,865

Like mentioned above it seems to vary quite a bit. The San Antonio home crowds look pretty good but I saw quite a few of their fans saying they would jump on the bandwagon of another team if they got to 1-3.

Looks like the novelty is wearing off, although to be fair weather was an issue last weekend: cold and rainy in Memphis and Birmingham, heavy snow in SLC.

Seeing as how San Antonio carries the bulk of the attendance and they were away the last two games. Thats not suprising.

Comparing apples to apples, each home team that had two home games increased in attendance, although a small increase, with the exception of week 4 when terrible weather caused attendance to wither . . . . .

It is minor league football, I don’t know why anyone thinks it is going to be a big hit. I get there are football junkies (I am one) out there that if you get 22 guys out on a grid iron, the junkie will have some level of interest. But you are not seeing future NFL stars, you are seeing guys that might make an NFL roster or practice squad but that is about it.

College football is minor league football but you are seeing future stars AND you have the charm of regionalism and historical rivalries. If col ge football keeps trending towards true minor league football and it continues to kill the charm, it will start getting the attendance that AAF teams get. College football is at a crossroad,