Abbott tests positive

for COVID-19. He was fully vaccinated.

Lots of folks I know getting it. None vaccinated

Hopefully that’ll convince others to get vaccinated if they haven’t already.

He he he? Are you doing your best Bevis & Butthead immatation?

If Abbott was fully vaccinated and still got it, then that demonstrates that the vaccine doesn’t really help too much. And just like the flu, the Wuhan virus will be with us for many years to come, vaccination or no vaccination.

Karma? Hardly

Does he still have his sense of smell?

Don’t know but I know he’s a huge p-word, and frightened child, for all his fake tough guy downplaying

Quickly getting access to monoclonal antibody therapy when you’re the fully vaccinated, asymptomatic Governor of Texas shows just how anxious and scared @GregAbbott_TX actually is of a virus that he constantly downplays.


Over 80% of the most at risk are vaccinated. A third shot or booster shot is now recommended for this demographics.
Data tells that in the U.S. we calculate death rate due to covid over 60 days. That means if someone passes away during that time, had a stroke of other and tested positive with Covid this is counted as a Civid death. In Europe the same us counted over 28 days. The death rate calculated that way is close to the flue. The hysteria makes no sense whatsoever. I got the vaccine. I now know that in about six months I will need a booster shot. All is available. There is no such thing as getting rid of a Sars disease. Covid is with us forever. We have to accept that fact. Everything else is pure hysteria.
We argue about Covid and there is an American and Afghani humanitarian crisis happening in Afghanistan?
For you friends realize that over a million illegals cross our Southern border with 30% refusing to get covid tested?
What are our priorities?


Thank you for the reality check Chris. It seems that the new American Marxists’ priorities are to control most every aspect of our lives.

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Listen just because you have to wear a mask to Applebee’s and someone’s prone won’t like an unvaxxed plague rat in their private establishment that’s not Marxism at all or in any real definition.

Unless you’re just some Charmin soft spoiled child. Then yes it is Marxism


That’s the frustrating part, why is there an argument? If people would get the vaccine we wouldn’t see outbreaks like this. The solution is easy, get vaccinated. And since we know there are breakthrough infections in vaccinated people, wear a mask and avoid crowded indoor spaces. Take responsibility for yourself and those around you.

All we’re asking for is personal responsibility. Wear masks and avoid crowds so you don’t spread the virus. I would also ask that our Governor follow his own advice about personal responsibility. This man tested positive for Covid less than 24 hours after being in close contact with a crowded room of elderly folks, with not a single mask in sight.


If the United States lacks capacity to deal with more than one crisis at any given time, we are doomed.

In July alone over 200,000 illegals crossed the border.
Remember Timothy that 30% refused to take the COVID test.
These same illegals are bused or flown all over the country including Texas and Florida.
So far both Abbott and De Santis have been asking data on where the illegals are sent to.
Correlation and consequences:
Ineptitude and massive COVID outbreak.
Who is at the helm Timothy?
We are on par for over two millions of illegals (that we know of) crossiing the border illegally.
We also know that the border patrol is now arresting middle east men on a daily basis.
Correlation and consequence?
I will let you fill in the answer.
Where are our priorities Timothy?
Do you still want to argue about Abbott?

That statement is mostly not true . See data from worldometers below. UK overall mortality is over 2%.
That is not like the flu. Please cite your sources.

France and Italy overall also given for you.
Thank you.

6,322,241 +26,852 131,149

For UK that’s over 2% mortality rate

France 6,504,978 +28,114 112,864

Italy Italy 4,449,606 +5,273 128,510

  1. Covid
  2. Covid
  3. Covid


Not to jump into much of the nonsense here but the easiest way to know how many people are dying is to look at excess deaths calculations. They happen to tie out pretty well with death numbers that are in places like worldometer.

As for the flu, you also have to dig into how those are calculated if you want to compare to them. And BTW, it’s an estimate.

The “30%” statistic that I’ve read was that 30% of illegal immigrants refused the vaccination (not the test).

I wish the rest of the US only had a 30% refusal rate, we’d be in better shape than we are right now.

I’m afraid of where we’ll be once school starts next week. I just hope parents care enough about their kids to put masks on them.

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That’s a plane full of idiots and hypocrites for not masking up. Firstly for their own health, and secondly for the image they’re representing to the public. “Masks for the peons, not for us.” You’d think politicians would be more aware than that…


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