About 50 people

At the South Florida Tulsa game.

Including the band.


But how many threads do they have on their message board about attendance?


It’s below freezing and it’s USF.


Good thing the ECU game is on the road because tomorrow in Houston is supposed to be rainy and staying in the 40s. It would be one of those “everyone was on the concourse” type of games.


It would be Louisville 2000 all over again.


Sounds like the fight song is recorded

Except Louisville was colder that 40s. I would have been under a concourse watching that game had The Rob had one. I remember my wife taking a seat all bundled up and never moving until the game was over. She was a good sport for that game.


I would guess the coldest home games since I have been going to games in the mid 90’s were

Louisville 2000
TSU 2007
Tulsa 2008
I first two had rain which made it ten times worse.

Norte Dame Houston at the Cotton Bowl though.


I remember a game in the snow @Tech during the run and shoot years.

It’s funny how I have seen thousands of people post that they were at that game. I was at the game by myself standing at the entrance to the inside seating that was built when Robertson was upgraded. I stood there in a slicker suit to block the wind.


I was there and miserable the entire time. I questioned my sanity staying watching that god awful team in those conditions.

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I stayed until it was over and the band played the alma mater at that game and I would be there until the end at the next rain game. At the Louisville game there was probably about a couple dozen or so of us at the end.

I was lucky to be right behind the red wall just above the “Cougar Pride” section with the chair backs. That wall helped block the some of the wind / rain.

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I spent the entire halftime behind one of the concession stands to try and warm up just a little and get out of the rain. The 3,006 of us who braved the elements that day should have cemented our status as die hards until the end of time.

I spent the Louisville game creatively heckling the Cardinals.

They had a player with curly platinum blonde hair with mutton chop sideburns. Started on him, calling him Q-Tip. Kept going and I noticed some of the players were laughing at the jokes. Guy finally kept his helmet on to try and avoid my jibes.

Froze my tuckus off but had fun


I would probably still go but with all the games on tv like they are today I wonder if it happened now attendance might be half what it was in 2000.

You mean 1503 for that game or the season? You were lucky to find a game on CSTV or Ion back then or hear any other commercials other than Coca Cola listening to Dukes on the play-by-play call.

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I remember we played Tennessee one year and that put the game on closed circuit in one of the rooms in the AAC and maybe 15 people showed up to watch.

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