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Couldn’t find the Tier 1 category. Will it be recreated here?

I would like to see the date of each post.

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I would like to modify my profile to get the “classic” view as on the other site.
I’ve not been able to determine how to enable this or if it is even possible. I really find myself going back to the other board frequently because the presentation just works for me. Thanks in advance!

Why is all text “grayed” making it harder to see like for old guys like me?
How about headers being in Bold and regular text being normal ie black on a white background makes for better readability
not gray on white

I would also like to see each thread go to the top of the board when a new post is made on that thread. It is very frustrating having to scroll all the way down to find new posts, indicated by the the word “New” - or some number appearing in a little circle! Those indications could remain, but it sure would be helpful if the entire thread then advanced to the top of the board.

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Would it be possible to show the date of each post?

That would be a real plus.

Can we add a new category for our Coogs athletes in the summer & winter Olympic Games? We have athletes in more than track & field swimming, volleyball, etc. Categories. This could be a clearing house of info on all events and medaling. It’d be a nice showcase for UH athletes every 2 years.

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