About Those Dying Seniors

Would you buy a new car and not service it for 100,000 miles? People get a body and most don’t do anything over their life time to help it. One in four Americans 65 and older falls each year. In 2016, falls were responsible for 29,000 deaths in the United States. I would love to see what percentage of the ones that fell had done any thing that might have prevented it.

How Seniors Can Reduce Risk of Falling

There will be many death certificates indicating the virus. Just as there are numerous articles indicating heart disease is the number one killer and cancer is number two. They are accurate but poor life style choices are what allowed the conditions. It’s like type 2 diabetes and BMI. “BMI is strongly and independently associated with the risk of being diagnosed with T2D.”

The association of body mass index with the risk of type 2

Governments should educate people on the value of good life style choices starting in elementary school. It would extend lives and reduce medical expenses. Heart
disease, and cancer can be prevented. People can survive caronavirus.

I am 86 years old but have strong heart, lungs, and immune system. They have had great care. Nothing special. Just good life style choices. I have the virus but it will not take me.

I don’t want any attaboys. My reward is 86 great years and expecting many more.

Strong people can laugh at the caronavirus.

I turn 80 in 2 weeks. I’ve survived heart disease (had 2 surgeries), cancer (1 sugery), exercise regularly and am something of a fanatic about what I eat with height and weight appropriate. Even after a first half of my life of just about every kind of abuse imaginable, I’ve managed to turn it around and am being rewarded by my body. Everywhere I go I see bellies, bellies, and more bellies sticking way out (even at Cougar games). Wake up people. Our bodies will reward us for taking care of them. Stay safe in these times.