“Above the Law” law school rankings

UH makes the Top 50 ahead of aTm.

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So what is our rank?

44th, up 3 spots from last year.

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I didn’t realize the Ags had a law school. Somewhat new?

About a decade ago they bought Texas Wesleyan law school in Fort Worth.

In the space of a few years, that law school went from bottom 10% to Top 50.

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PUF money does those types of things. Makes me wonder how much further up the top echelon UH would be with it. But hey, we’re kicking ass and doing better than a lot of state flagship schools (including TAMU a lot of the time) with pitiful state funding.

Do more with less, is one of the unofficial mottos of UH.

Didn’t they try to buy South Texas College of Law downtown and UH blocked them?



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