ACC Network to launch by August 2019, according to sources


This is big news for us,pretty strong likelihood they will expand and you have to figure Houston is going to be at the top of that list…

Interesting take aldine. I took this to mean they don’t need to expand with new schools. If they can get the deal done as currently constricted, why share the money?


That is 3 years from now … 36 months!!! … 1095 days!!! … an eternity considering the expansion landscape could change at the drop of a dime or ONE DOMINO falling …

CoogBong and his luney tunes witch doctor will have spent almost a decade singing Annie’s Tomorrow song … rivaling Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow for the ongoing record … :wink:

This is good for us

Do tell!

We are talking about a league that tried to go to 15 a year ago with a 3 division format, but was blocked by Texas, as to pass it needed approval of enough other conferences to allow it…A TV network allows them to make more money by expanding and adding the right schools.

What is that crap? How can Texas dictate what they do in the ACC??

Myopiccoog is right. This is good for us. And now its confirmed.

"Well, it looks like expansion’s time has come.

“The change of heart seems to have something to do with Monday’s announcement that ACC would get a standalone network after striking a deal with ESPN…”

I thought the most played record of all time is “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers.

Is the ACC not the AAC lulz.

That’s my vote.

Majin, the ability to change a conference format to 3 divisions and 2 championship games had to be voted on and approved by the other P5 conferences in order to happen. Texas and Big 12’s NO vote insured it didnt happen.

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